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why my objects and things i created always dissapear sometimes it dissapear sometimes it appear

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All non-objective cars, actors, objects and pickups share two attributes that determine when they appear and when they disappear:

  • Spawn_with - holds the number of the objective at which time this "entity" appears.
  • Hide_with - holds the number of the objective at whoch time this "entity disappears.

When you create a new non-objective entity (car, actor,object or pickup), the Spawn_with is set to the currently selected objective at the time of creation and Hide_with is set to the end of the mission. Normally the selected objective is the objective you last added, but you can changee it through the menu->objectoves->select, when you're close to the objective you want to select.


You can edit the "spawn_with" and "hide_with" attributes of an entity, by standing close to it and selecting the "spawn" or "hide" function from the appropriate menu (e.g. menu->actor->spawn). The appropriate attribute will now be changed to the currently selected objective.


So if you for example want to have an object that is only visible during objective 2 and 3, you do :

  • define objective 1
  • create object
  • define objective 2
  • define objective 3
  • stand close to the actor and select "hide" (it will now hide when objective 3 is achieved during the mission)
  • define objective 4
  • define objective 5

Now say that you want to keep the object a bit longer and decide that it should only be hidden when objective 4 is achieved, now you do:

  • Stand close to objective 4, and do menu->objective-> select
  • stand close to your object, and do menu->object->hide
  • Stand close to objective 5, and do menu->objective->select
This last step is important because otherwise, if you would add new objectives, they would not be added to the end of the mission, but they would be inserted between objective 4 and objective 5, as new objectives are always places behind the currently selected objective.


BTW, you can always identify the selected objective by the color of its marker, it's yellow instead of white.


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