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Los Santos's Finest

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Chapter 1




Meet. Mr Murray









Once upon a time Los Santos was a glamorous city filled with tourists and opportunities. It was once a fine city that attracted young men and women who had a dream of being movie stars or enjoying their money within the comfy confides of the mansions of Vinewood. Gone are the glory days where Los Santos could be considered a great city. In the early 1990s drugs and crime began to sweep across the great city, with violent street gangs at the forefront. A few years ago the Ballas had control of most of Los Santos and the lucrative drug trade. Corruptness was at its worst within the police department and Officers Tennpenny and Pulaski were a big part of it. Since that time Carl Johnson and Sweet have revamped the Grove Street Families and have taken back control of most of Los Santos. Officers Tennpenny and Pulaski were killed in the line of duty and most thought the corrupt ways of the department would end but, It still very much exists within the department and the Los Santos government. Since that time riots and gang wars have raged on within the streets of Los Santos.




Los Santos Police Department - Pershing Square, Los Santos




Inside the busy police station various telephones can be heard ringing and policemen rush around in a hurried fashion. The front door opens and closes like a shopping mall entrance, with officers walking in with various petty criminals in handcuffs. An African American women can be heard scolding the man working at the front desk as a sharp looking man walks in. From the grey suit and red tie to his clean shave and slick black hair he appears very professional. The man waits patiently for his turn as the scolding continues. He plays with his brown briefcase as the women finishes her tirade and walks out in a frustrated manner. “Next” the clerk calls out. The sharp looking man steps forward and addresses the man and gives him his ID card. “I’m Matthew Murray and I’m here to speak with a Ms. Garcia” the man explains to the clerk. “Ahhh… Mr. Murray! Police Chief Garcia is awaiting your arrival in her office. Its down the hall and to the left.” Murray thanks the clerk for his assistance and begins his descent down the busy corridor. He passes a conference room and an interrogation room before reaching a door that reads Police Chief Edith H. Garcia . Matthew knocks on the door and awaits an answer as nothing can be heard inside. “Enter” a female voice says very sternly. Matthew opens the door and closes it behind him, inside a Hispanic women with black hair and dark eyes is sitting behind a desk. Her face lights up at the sight of Mr. Murray’s appearance and she extends her hand for a handshake. Returning the handshake Murray takes a seat and pulls out his resume from his briefcase and hands it to Chief Garcia. “Well thank you for stopping by Mr. Murray, your interest in our department is flattering. Your resume is impressive, I can see you have taken down numerous criminals within the Vercetti Crime Syndicate down in Vice City as well as dropping the crime rate by 10%.” Murray grins and responds to her response “Thank you ma’am. I appreciate your department considering me as a detective. “ Chief Garcia’s face turns smug as she hands the resume back to Murray, “Well the truth is your credentials are great but what makes you think you can handle this job? This isn’t Vice City and the crime here is far worse.” Murray sat for a moment thinking of a response before addressing her question “well I think that I can bring a lot to this department and we can turn this city back to what it once was within time.” Chief Garcia began to think the decision over in her head and reached into her desk. “Welcome to the LSPD Detective Murray” Garcia exclaimed as she places a 9mm on the table along with a detective badge. “Effective immediately you are now the lead detective” Garcia said with a relieved look on her face. “Thank you, I will not let you down Chief.” Murray shook Garcia’s hand one last time before exiting the office.




Rodeo National Bank - Rodeo, Los Santos



“They should have been here by now” a man in a blue guard suit says to his partner. “Chill out Dave, I’m sure they are just running a little bit late.” The hustle and bustle of downtown Rodeo rolls on as the two security guards play the waiting game. “ Its just not like them James? They are always on schedule” the guard says to his partner James. Further on down the road a blue Brinks security truck accelerates towards the bank. As the van approached the bank two men could be seen inside the large vehicle. “Hey Dave, that’s not our guys? You stay here and Ill go check them out” James says to his partner. James slowly approaches the van as it comes to a complete stop in front of the bank. Being cautious James knocked on the drivers side window and the window came down slowly revealing two men in sunglasses. “Is there a problem officer?” The man grins at James and hands him his identification. James studied the ID carefully and handed it back to the man. “So where is Mr. Kim? He usually does this route” James asked. “Well he is sick and couldn’t make it in today. Me and my partner usually work out of Vinewood but they gave us a call and here we are” the man explained. James gave the go ahead to the two men before heading back to his original post. The two men eagerly climbed out of the van with bags in hand and walked inside the crowded bank. “Hey Dave, Mr. Kim is sick so the company called in replacements for his shift” James explained. “That’s weird….. don’t they usually call before hand to inform us of the change” Dave asked? Inside the bank the two men wait patiently to be helped. An attractive Asian women approaches the two men in guards uniforms. “Welcome to Rodeo National Bank, how may I help you” the woman asks. “We need to speak to the manager” one of the men responds. “Well I am the manager” she says with a smile. The woman leads the two men down a hallway towards her office so they can talk in private. “Ok! What can I do for you” the woman asks? One of the men unzips his bag and pulls out a silenced 9mm. “Listen bitch! Take us to the f*cking safe and don’t try anything stupid.” The woman hesitantly walks to the safe with the men following close behind. Once to the safe the woman puts in the security authorization code and opens the vault. The two men throw her inside the safe and keep the gun pointed at her. “Fill both the bags up and be quick about it hunnie” one of the men yells! Moving quickly the woman fills up the bags without question as the men watch her closely. “Ok all finished” the woman says to the two men. The woman pushes the two bags towards the men and pleads for them to leave the bank. “Well we’d love to stay and chat, hell we’d like to take you out but we gotta run” one of the men says to the manager. Without warning the man with the silenced 9mm put the barrel to the women’s head and pulled the trigger killing her execution style. Now with the money the men came for they exited the vault and headed for the side exit. Outside the bank the 2 security guards begin to realize something is up. James pulled his cell phone from his pocket and dials in a number before placing the device to his ear. “Hi, this is James Keanny. I’m calling about Mr. Kim calling off and the two men you assigned as his replacements for his shift.” After hearing the response from the telephone James quickly hung up. “Lets move in Dave, they said Mr. Kim has been missing for an hour now and hasn’t reported in.” With both guards guns drawn they ran inside the bank. Quickly both men began to scan the area for the two unknown men, but after a few minutes of searching they found nothing. Making his way towards the vault James found the evidence they were looking for. “Hey Dave! Call the police….. We were too late.”




Rodeo National Bank - Rodeo, Los Santos

1 Hour Later



A crowd can be seen gathered around the entrance to the bank as various police vehicles are parked around the crime scene. The local news crews are wandering about trying to get the latest information on the heinous crime just committed inside one of Los Santos biggest banks. Yellow crime scene tape covers the front door and detectives are inside analyzing the bank for any clues to the identity or whereabouts of the criminals. Inside the vault Detective Murray is examining the dead body of the bank manager as another detective approaches him. “ So what do you think Murray? Inside Job or Professionals?” Murray continues to study the area inside the vault and is in no hurry to address the question asked. “Well” the detective says “I interviewed the two guards in front of the bank and they said the two suspects were driving the Brinks security truck that’s outside the bank. They had identification and were in guards uniforms. Sounds like it could be a professional job if you ask me. Do you think it was the Grove Street Family” the detective asked Murray? Murray finally turned towards the detective and handed him a file before answering him. “Two Caucasian males working with the Grove? Very doubtful, but take a look at the file I gave you. Jimmy Smith was released from prison a month ago and his original charges were armed robbery. I think Jimmy and his younger brother Josh are the ones responsible for the recent bank heists.” The other detective scans through the file studying the Smith brothers rap sheets. “If the Smith Boys are committing these recent robberies then how do we catch them” the detective asks Murray? Murray takes the file out of his hands and thinks for a moment. “Jimmy’s time in the joint has made him smarter and all 6 of the latest robberies have occurred in the last few weeks since he has been out. Instead of working behind the Smith Boys we wait for them at their next location and catch them in the act” Murray says. The detective begins to chuckle a little bit at Murray’s proposition. “And just how do you suggest we do that Detective Murray?” Matthew grins back at the doubtful detective before addressing him. “The Smith Boys have hit 6 banks so far with 5 being in San Fierro and the latest one being in Rodeo. Well I suggest we put men at the other 3 banks around Los Santos which is Downtown Los Santos, Jefferson, and Los Flores. Once these two resurface and hit the next bank we will be waiting for them.”




Washington Beach, Vice City



Hard rain falls on the grass and thunder is heard in the background as the scene is a cemetery. What usually is a busy place today seems to be different. Only one vehicle is visible inside the entire property and that vehicle is a green and white VCPD Cruiser. A man slowly walks out of the vehicle and he somberly walks inside the cemetery. The man has black hair and a pair of black aviators cover his eyes. His clothing is a tan police officer uniform and the name Officer Murray can be seen on the left side of his uniform. After walking for what seemed like several minutes Murray finally reached his destination. On the ground at his feet lay a tombstone and it reads Here lay Roger Murray / Loving Husband, Father, and Son / Killed In The Line Of Duty / March 13th 1952 - June 25th 1993 . Tears begin to fall from Matthews eyes and crawl below his aviators. Trying to hold back the tears Matthew begins to speak. “Hello Dad. I just had to come and see you today. It’s been very hard without you here and not just for me but for mom too. I didn’t say much at the funeral a few months ago because I guess I didn’t know what to say. I’ll never forget you and the things you’ve taught me and the things you’ve done for me. Even though you were my superior as Police Chief you never favored me for being your son. You were tough on me because you had to be and I respect that. I love you dad, and I want you to know that they haven’t found the guy responsible for your death. The department hasn’t officially closed the case but they have stopped looking. I just want you to know I’m going to find the person who killed you. Even if it kills me father, I will not let you die in vain. Goodbye Dad.” Just as Matthew was finishing his speech a man in a black suit approached him. “Excuse me” the man said. “Are you Matthew Murray?” Matthew took a moment to wipe his tears and turned towards the man. “Yes”. The man handed Matthew a note and afterwards explained himself. “ I was walking just outside the cemetery and some man gave me this note and told me to give it to you.” The strange man turned away and began walking out of the cemetery. With the man gone Matthew opened the note and read it with a shocked look on his face. Before ripping the note up Matthew read it one more time just to be sure. The note read I Know Who Killed Your Father - Meet Me At Vice Point inside the mall parking garage at 9:00 pm. Matthew frantically began to search for the man who gave him the note but could not find him. Tears once again began to run down his cheeks as he hit his knees. Rain continued to fall on Matthew as he grieved for his father.










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