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problem objects


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hii friends,

i have some problem with objects.

when i create an object & my player thouch it or fire on it

my game hangs

i am using these opcodes


004F: create_thread @GATE1:GATE103A4: name_thread 'GATE1' 0247: request_model #STARGATE 038B: load_requested_models :GATE1_160001: wait 0 ms 00D6: if 0248:   model #STARGATE available 004D: jump_if_false @GATE1_16 0107: $GATE1 = create_object #STARGATE at -372.609 -463.328 11.3241 0382: set_object $GATE1 collision_detection 0:GATE1_640001: wait 0 ms 00D6: if 00F5:   player $PLAYER_CHAR 0 -372.609 -463.328 11.3241 radius 5.5 5.5 5.5 004D: jump_if_false @GATE1_160 034E: move_object $GATE1 to -372.609 -463.328 8.0 speed 0.1 0.1 0.1 collision_check 0 0002: jump @GATE1_64 :GATE1_160034E: move_object $GATE1 to -372.609 -463.328 11.3241 speed 0.15 0.15 0.15 collision_check 0 0002: jump @GATE1_64


is there any problem with code i don't find any


if you try this code you will find that

the building's door that is infront of the diaz's house in starfish island

automaticaly moves downward when you go near of it.


but i want the gate to detect colliation

so, noone can cross when it is in close condition

but, when i remove or change


0382: set_object $GATE1 collision_detection 0




0382: set_object $GATE1 collision_detection 1



my vehicle or my player touch the gate it dissapear

& the game hangs


what should i do ??????

pls help i am using this thing in my under construction total conversion.



reply only for vice city

not san andreas or any other


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Hi i find something new,

one thing is that if we define a object at the starting of the script then we don't need to request that model,

another thing is that,

if we do this


029B: $1781 = init_object #barrierturn at -24.2857 7.70314 13.0 


then the object in game will hang the game if anybody touch it,

but if we create an object 'NT_ROADBLOCKCI' instead of 'barrierturn' then no effect,

why why why,


is there any difference between

'029B' & '0107' opcodes,

& what '01C7' opcode do ?

please help me

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