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What would the repercussions be if someone leaked.


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Would they get sued? lets face it im sure at the very least there is probably around 20 people in the rockstar team who know about the game, have worked on it and know of its anticipated release so the question being what would happen if they leaked information, could they get sued? also why havent they already, they scared?

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They'd prob get sued, Fired and probably never be able to work in the game industry again.


I think money is more appealing than risking your job just to satisfy some impatient whiny fanboys who will prob moan about what they don't like.

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Tha Lunatic 510

I don't know if they'll get sued because most likely they wouldn't have the kind of money the game developer is lookin for.. but I'm sure they'll get fired.. game developers make workers sign confidentiality agreements before they give up the information for the game.. and the people who voice act on it most of the time aren't even told what it's for until after they sign up

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They are called Non Disclosure Agreements and they are taken very seriously. I think it would be logical to assume that anyone who has has ANY kind of contact with the game has had to sign a multi page NDA that has bad consequences for violators.



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