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Impossible Kill Frenzy solutions


Recommended Posts

I read these impossible Kill Frenzies gave the pip to a LOT of people - inclunding me. There wasn't any usable solution written in the "ultimate" GTA 2 walkthrough (no offense), so I decided I'll tell you how can you solve these in a more...organized matter, so nobody will be forced to stroll through 60 or so forumtopics and pages to find out how to beat'em.


We're talking about Residental district (Area 2) here, which has plenty of impossible Kill Frenzies. If you have trouble finding these Kill Frenzies on your own, stick to the "ultimate" GTA 2 walkthrough.


ALERT!!! Kill frenzy trailer crash-fixed games tend to crash, when picking up Kill Frenzy icons during a mission, so it's wise NOT to install it until you've completed all Kill Frenzy icons. The solution of some impossible Kill Frenzies WILL involve picking up Kill Frenzy icons during missions, so if you experience a game crash, y'betta reinstall the game. You were warned.



Impossible Kill Frenzy #1 - Shoot 20 cops in 60 seconds with shotgun


Location: In a tenement courtyard just below the car shops at Cayman. There is a Morton car nearby.



First, it's imperative that you have NOT completed the Redneck mission "Tanks-giving" yet. If you did, well, you might as well start over the whole area. If you did not complete it yet, then accept this mission (Yellow Redneck phones). Drive to the army base, destroy the door opening generator (car bomb, rocketlauncher, Molotovs - your choice), and get inside. Kill the soldiers, and get the tank. Now then, when you drive outside the army base, you shall get a SIX WANTED LEVEL, which is truly unique, because the maximum wanted level is five at Area 2. Park the tank at a safe spot somewhere, because there might be tank blocks at the streets, who shall shoot at you. While moving tanks are absolutely safe, tank roadblocks WILL attack ya, so drop the tank on a safe location.


My advice is to drive to the SRS Research Center's crane, and dump the tank there. The crane will not pick it up, and you'll have a fair chance to grab a Meteor, drive it to the crane, and gain immortality for a short period. This will be mandatory, since the shotgun is a short-ranged weapon, and the soldiers ALL bear machinegunz, so they could final you in 2 seconds.


Whether or not you wish to grab immortality, return to the Kill Frenzy's location up to Cayman. If you're not invulnerable, I suggest you grab a Tank, it can persist even if you run into a tank roadblock. Armor is also extremely important to have. When you've arrived to the Kill Frenzy's location, make sure you park the tank in a position that the soldiers will have to get around it, so you won't have any problemz responding to 5-7 attacks in the same time. Get the Kill Frenzy, and start shooting soldiers until necessary.


Yes - SOLDIERS COUNT AS COPS, so then it'll be friggin' easy for ya to complete. Don't try to get inside the Police HQ however. Interestingly, they DO NOT count as cops. Talk about bugs...



Impossible Kill Frenzy #2 - Shoot 20 cops in 60 seconds with S-Uzi machinegun



The solution is pretty the same, luckily, this one is a lot easier, since you have machinegun instead of a crummy shotgun. Hijack a Tank as mentioned before, and when you've near the Kill Frenzy icon, park the Tank in a way that the soldiers can come from only ONE direction. Clear the area with the tank cannon if necessary, get out, and pick up the Kill Frenzy icon - happy hunting!



Impossible Kill Frenzy #3 - Destroy 20 vehicles in 60 seconds with Molotov-cocktails


Location: Cayman, at the cliff, right next to the water-filled moat near the Zaibatsu crane system.



This shall be pretty tricky, as the game will not spawn vehicles THAT frequently around you. Thanks to the Kill Frenzy's location, you will not even meet that many vehicles there, even if you alert the cops. The good news is: you don't need to accept the "Tanks-giving" mission for this.


The solution is - you'll need to collect PARKING cars to the Kill Frenzy's location. Not hijacked vehicles, but PARKING vehicles, as they shall not disappear at all. You will find several cars parking at your starting point (the church near the train station), or at the mall. There are also many parking cars at Mobile RV park, so you can collect 20 cars, even if it's quite time-consuming. It might be far enough to just collect 10 or 12 cars, and then, get inside a quick car nearby, and drive to the highway, where you can easily find 8 or 10 more cars, especially because the police shall be after ya soon. Don't forget however, Molotov-cocktails are extremely dangerous if you throw them too close, so be careful wit' em. It's wise to drive a Meteor to the Zaibatsu crane nearby, so you'll gain immortality for a short time.


If you use the GTA Trainer, just teleport y'self across the city, and nuke the parking cars.



Impossible Kill Frenzy #4 - Destroy 20 cop cars in 60 seconds with Rocket launcher


Location: Guntersville, in an alley right under the entrance to RV Opry (Redneck yellow phones)



This Kill Frenzy seems impossible, but it is actually posssible - but don't get me wrong, it'll be EXTREMELY hard, and it will require you to exploit one of the game's glitches.


First, you need to grab the four Cop cars from above the SRS Research center. It's right beside the highway and the train tracks at the right side of the map, so you can't miss it. Drive'em INSIDE the dark alley right above the Kill Frenzy icon, and stuff them together, as you will want a chain explosion. That's 4 Cop cars so far, and since they're parking cars, they will not disappear.


Second, you'll need to head for the south, near the highway at the bottom. There is a small bar nearby, where two more Cop Cars are parking. Drive'em to the Kill Frenzy's location. That's 6.


Now, we are going to exploit a game bug. You know about the Wang Car Bonus - if you collect the hidden sports cars from various locations of the city (there are 8 alltogether), you shall get a Wang Car bonus, which consists several Furore GTs, a flamethrower Fire truck, a Tank, an armed Land Roamer, and such. The funny part is, if you collect some of these Wang Cars, save your game afterwards, quit the game and resume the saved status, these Wang Cars will re-appear everywhere, and if you get a Wang Car which you've already collected, you'll instantly get the Wang Car Bonus!!!


There are 2 vehicles among the bonus cars, which count as police cars - the Land Roamer, and the Special Agent Car (the Tank counts as a police car as well, but it's a tough nut to crack). If you have previously collected all 8 Wang Cars, then you can get 16 police cars by this way. Unlike the Cop cars I was yappin' 'bout earlier, y'should stack these on the road instead. Then you pick up the Kill Frenzy token, destroy the first Cop Car stash, jump above them, and destroy the bonus cars on the road. Frenzy passed.


Alternatively, you might stack up the 6 Cop cars and 4 more bonus cars at the Kill Frenzy's lair, accept the "Tanks-giving" mission, return to the area in a Tank, pick up the Kill Frenzy, and start hunting Land Roamers. At SIX wanted level, the roads will be filled with Land Roamers, which will explode right after 1 rocket hit. With a little luck, it can be down. There is an Invisibility icon at the elevated road above the Kill Frenzy's location, which might help you staying alive.


If you prefer using the GTA2 Trainer, pause the game in the moment you pick up the Kill Frenzy icon, search the map for a Fast Reload icon, and just teleport y'self to there. Pick up the Fast Reload, and pause the game again. Search the map for the two Cop Car parkings, and destroy them all. Accept the "Tanks-giving" mission, and teleport yourself to the army base. Destroy the door opening mechanism, this'll spawn 4 Land Roamers inside the Army base. Pause the game again, and teleport to Wang Cars, get inside them, and destroy the spawned bonus police cars.


Either way, you should have the 20 police cars destroyed just before the time runs out. Good luck.



Impossible Kill Frenzy #5 - Destroy 20 cop cars in 60 seconds with Tesla gun


Location: Below the Mall in a small parking ambulantory



This Kill Frenzy is impossible alright - I kid you not. It's 10000000 times worse than the Guntersville Kill Frenzy, and even with GTA2 Trainer, you have VERY mild chance to beat it.


First of all, Double Damage doesn't worth sh*t - it will not effect Kill Frenzy weapons!!! Fast Reload does alrighty, but it's completely useless at a Tesla gun. Secondly, CHAIN EXPLOSION DOESN'T COUNT at this Kill Frenzy! No, seriously - if you blow up cop cars with chain explosion at this Kill Frenzy, only the first one will be counted. Also don't bother putting police cars on trailers, and tow them there - they will not count either. This Kill Frenzy is plain impossible alright, completing it will require a LOT of driving, and even more luck.


The first method is to collect the 6 Cop cars to the Kill Frenzy's lair, AND collecting many Wang Cars as well, then driving the Land Roamers and Special Agent Cars to the Kill Frenzy's lair as well. The important step is to damage EACH car before picking up the Kill Frenzy - this way, you'll save at least 10 seconds. And don't forget - chain explosion will not count, so place the cars far enough from each other. Good thing the Tesla gun can electrocute multiple targets in the same time.


The second method is to accept the "Tanks-giving" mission again, collect at least 10-12 Cop cars at the Kill Frenzy's lair (as I said before), and then start hunting for Land Roamers on the streets. It's extremely hard, since you got soldiers shooting at you everywhere. You can also drive the 4 Land Roamers from the army base to there, but do not destroy them too soon, and don't even shoot them - if you do, the game will not spawn Land Roamers to the streets. Basically, if you're doin' good, you can have 12-14 cop cars destroyed in the first 20 seconds.


If you wish to use the GTA2 Trainer, follow the steps above, and accept the "Tanks-giving" mission. Get the Tank out the base, and then teleport yourself to a rooftop next to a busy road. Don't pause the game, search the map for the Kill Frenzy icon. Teleport yourself there, pick it up, and QUICKLY pause the game. Search the map for your previous location beside the busy road - there should be quite many Land Roamers there by now. Teleport down, electrocute them, at least 8 or 10. Then teleport to the Cop Car stashes, and destroy them all. Teleport to the Army base and destroy the four Land Roamers (they MUST be the last, or the game will not spawn Land Roamers to the streets).


So let's count - 6 Cop cars, 4 Land Roamers, that is 10. Collecting 2-3 Wang Cars will give 4 or 6 more police vehicles. 14 or 16 police vehicles under 20 seconds is a good (it doesn't matter whether or not you were using the Trainer or drive'em there). This is the only way to beat this insane Kill Frenzy just before the clock runs out.




Impossible Kill Frenzy #6 - Destroy 20 vehicles in 60 seconds with a Rocket Launcher


Location: South from your starting point, near an elevated road, under a catwalk.



This'll also involve a lot of driving, as you're going to stack up parking cars near the Kill Frenzy's lair. Steal some parking cars from the Mall or from the train station's parking lot. Build a roadblock at the road, so it'll stop some traffic, leaving you with 12-14 cars alltogether. Alert up the police, it'll also result in 2-3 cars. Unlike the impossible Tesla gun Kill Frenzy, this one will accept chain explosions, saving you a lot of time and trouble. Collect the 14+ cars, make the roadblock, pick up the Kill Frenzy's icon, and destroy'em all.


If you use the GTA2 Trainer, just teleport youself around the city, pausing the game, and destroy the vehicles you see. You may also grab a Fast Reload from somewhere.



Impossible Kill Frenzy #7 - Kill 20 cops in 60 seconds with a Tesla gun



This one can be actually possible, if you alert up the police, AND you're lucky, and the SWAT team will arrive too. If you have problems completing it, accept the "Tanks-giving" mission, and drive the Tank to the Kill Frenzy's location. Barricade y'self behind the Tank, and start electrocuting soldiers. Not too tough.





Impossible Kill Frenzy #8 - Kill 20 cops in 60 seconds with Flamethrower


Location: North Mobile RV Park, near two water towers



Don't even think about picking up this Kill Frenzy without a fast car - Mobile RV Park does not have too many cops, not even on maximum wanted level (five). You're going to need a fast car, which will not disappear - I suggest the Furore GT near your starting point in the train station car park. Take it to the Kill Frenzy's location, and walk back to the yellow Redneck phones and accept the "Tanks-giving" mission. Hijack the Tank,and drive it to the location of the Kill Frenzy. Pick it up, and jump into the Furore GT to drive out to the streets,where you can kill several Soldiers.

Edited by ciganyirto
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Yes - SOLDIERS COUNT AS COPS, so then it'll be friggin' easy for ya to complete. Don't try to get inside the Police HQ however. Interestingly, they DO NOT count as cops. Talk about bugs...


The "police gang" inside the Police HQ does not consist of real cops. It's a gang, like the prison gang or Mad Island gang, and its members only look like cops. They also respect you just like the three big gangs although you can't see the respect level from anything. If you kill them too much they will start shooting at you.


Edit: Ok, it seems that some of those "cops" will always shoot at you so maybe there's not the respect thing... ph34r.gif

Edited by Mr Zero
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that's a pretty nice guide, good job.



(Btw, does any1 know if there's a link between the cop gang and prison gang, i.e. kill cops -> get respect from prisoners?)

nope, there's not

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I would like to add one more impossible Kill Frenzy - OK, it's not impossible, but it's EXTREMELY hard. In fact, it's harder than the 20 cop cars in 60 seconds with rocket launcher, because it's almost entirely based on randomization.


What makes this Kill Frenzy even more frustating and troublesome is that YOU CAN'T SAVE AFTERWARDS if you don't have the "Trailer cars crash fix" for GTA2. If you did not install that fix, I STRONGLY recommend you to leave this Kill Frenzy to the end.


Not enough? Cheating and using trainers at this Kill Frenzy is entirely useless! This Kill Frenzy only has legit solution (you can use the trainer to spare some time collecting the cars however).


So...which one is the 9th Impossible Kill Frenzy in Area 2?


Impossible Kill Frenzy 9 extra - Use vehicle mines to destroy 20 cop cars in 120 seconds!


Location: The silver Furore GT on a trailer near the Scientists Research Center.


If you wanna save y'self a LOT of trouble, gain respect at the Scientists. Killing Zaibatsu, crushing FBI cars - your choice. The Scientists WILL interfere a lot at the start of this Kill Frenzy.

First, y'gonna need to grab a Truck Cab, or Truck Cab SX. Then drive to the trailer with the Furore GT on its top. Connect it to your Truck Cab, and pull it towards the north, to the Cop Car Headquarters, where the crane will unload it. But DO NOT GET INSIDE immediately. The chances for 20 cop cars appearing in 120 seconds are VERY unlikely, so once again, y'll just have to trick the game.

After the Furore GT is unloaded, destroy the truck with the trailer. This will save you a LOT of trouble once again.


You will notice the 4 Cop cars here. Stack them right next to each other. Yes, you're going to create a chain explosion.


Remember the two Cop Cars at south Belmont in front of a bar? Bring them here. Legit driving, teleporting - your choice, man. You have 6 now.


I also heavily recommend to grab two Wang Cars, so this'll churn out 4 more police vehicles - 2 Armed Land Roamer and 2 Special Agent Cars. Drive them or teleport them to the cars heap. You should have 10 cars there.


After this, alert up the police. When the first Cop car arrives, kill the policemen, but leave the car intact, and drive it to the Cop Car HQ courtyard. Make sure however that this will stay isolated from the line of police vehicles you created. I think you get the picture what we're going to do...


Yes. Park this last Cop Car in a manner that it can be shoved with a forceful collision onto a deployed mine next to the parked police vehicles, and then...hop inside the Furore GT. Immediately drive next to the parked police vehicles' line, and deploy 2-3 mines. Get around them quickly, get behind that last Cop Car, and hit it in the rear, push it unto the deployed mine(s). You will survive the explosion ,and you'll only have to worry about 9 cop cars.


This is NOT easy, there are tons of possibilities to commit a mistake, but it CAN be done. The main concept is to force a lot of police cars together, deploy a mine right next to them, and push another police car to the deployed mine - this'll devastate the whole parking lot smile.gif


If you are thinking about exploiting the "Tanks-giving" mission - forget it. The tanks shall mince you in matter of seconds.


There are two more problemz, which makes this Kill Frenzy even harder. The first problem is that the police doesn't seem to give you a constant chase when you're trying to solve this Kill Frenzy. There will be VERY FEW chasing cars, but more roadblocks - like, the game is intentionally trying to make me fail the Kill Frenzy. Damn it's annoying!!!! Plus, the VERY FEW police cars which are chasing you (Wanted level doesn't matter) will appear at the OPPOSITE road, never from behind you!!


The second thing is: the mis-deployed mines will NOT disappear once you finish the Kill Frenzy (or more likely: fail). This can be lethal, as you'll have two more Furore GT Kill Frenzies waitin' for ya!


It took me 12 attempts to finally solve this vehicle mine-Kill Frenzy. But to be fair, I DID use teleporting to gather the necessary cars and the Truck Cab - it would take a whole day otherwise.


Oh yea...don't even dream about teleporting with a trailer attached to your Truck Cab. It will explode.

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  • 4 months later...



20 cops 60 sec , shotgun is impossible sad.gifsad.gif


my record is 5 cops left and time finished


i cant park the tank that cops go around it

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Arsen Vitiuk

Thanks, man! Cookies! cookie.gif Lots of them for your work.


I've just moved to Residential District and, as I'm going for 100%, this guide is much of a help to me.

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I have 18/20


hmmm with immortality drive to kill frenzy`s location (shotgun) and im shotiing to soliders, but immortal has finished sad.gif


i cant killing 20 <shock> maximum is 11 (6 stars)




ITS DONE biggrin.gif


first drive to yellow phone reddecks,next drive to army base, next drive tank outside (6 stars)


secondly come back to army base and stolen land roamer and fastttt drive to ZAIBATSU VILLAGE and take INVISBILITY smile.gifsmile.gif and next fast driving the jeep to kill frenzy`s location and kill kill kill the soliders smile.gif


uff tanks wasnt shoting me biggrin.gif

Edited by afropl
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  • 1 month later...

Finally got through all 9 of these kill frenzies without any cheats or using the trainer. However, I did have to apply the trailer fix patch that leaves the car off the trailer. I had to exploit the Tanksgiving mission for all the cop car frenzies and for shooting the 20 cops with a shotgun. The other ones were easier without getting a wanted level of 6. This forum was the only place I found any hints on this.


Thanks for the helpful posts.

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  • 1 month later...

Well guyz, I was hoping that someone could use my solutions smile.gif I'm glad to see you put'em into good use!


The "20 cops under 60 seconds with shotgun" Kill Frenzy is actually possible, and one of the easiest ones, if you accept the Tanks-giving mission. Otherwise, it's impossible alright, simply because the game will not spawn that many cops, and the FBI arrives too early...let's face it, the shotgun is a crappy weapon.


I finished all impossible Kill Frenzies with cheating and without cheating as well. OK, OK, I used teleporting cheat for gathering the cars however at the non-cheating solutions to save some time, but the solution itself is entirely legit.


The "20 cops under 60 seconds" Kill Frenzies were pretty easy, even without Invulnerability - I just mashed some of the soldiers, turned the tank against the wall, quickly got out, and started the rampage. Flamethrower and Tesla gun are great, since the tank cannot be damaged by these, and thus, makes an excellent cover.

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  • 1 month later...

Hello Guys. I actually made it. I’m passed that horrible God damned shotgun Kill Frenzy. In addition, I found such solution that everybody can do it with first or second attempt. So Let’s go:

1. Start the Tanks-giving mission.

2. Ride the PARKING Furore-GT to the Zaibatsu car crusher (you can take it from the parking lot on the west road from Zaibatsu car shops). You already can crush it or you can do it before the sixth paragraph.

3. Take any PARKING quick car you like and drive it to the left side of elevator tracks of the Zaibatsu car crusher.

4. Take the Tank and park it to the entrance of the military base.

5. Find a Meteor and drop it near to your Tank but on the other side the fence.

6. Drive the Tank out of the Military base and quickly get in your Meteor.

7. Drive it to the Zaibatsu car crusher.

8. Run to the stairs to the conveyer belt and wait your prize on steps. You just almost must have Flamethrower to defend yourself from army and you must have neutral or good relations with Zaibatsu guys, just for your own safety.

9. Wait until your prize hide in the prize room, jump on elevator and wait until you collect two power-ups: Fast Reload and Invulnerability* then jump to your car that you parked right there.

10. Quickly collect Kill Frenzy rampage_ani.gif and begin to kill.

11. It’s really easy but you must hurry.

12. PROFIT cool.gif


If when you pass the Kill Frenzy, you will have one cop head then run like crazy because military kill you very quickly, then hide somewhere and then blow your tank to stay the Tanks-giving mission for a next Kill Frenzy.

To get through Machine gun vs cops Kill Frenzy you can use the same tactic.

Sorry for Engrish.


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  • 2 weeks later...

I think I have a problem with the 20 cop cars in 60 seconds with elecro gun K.F.


I already passed the Tanks-giving mission and I already collected all wang cars and they don't appear again 0_0


any tips how to pass now?? It's the only K.F left on Residental district.


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I'm afraid you will just have to start the Residental zone all over again. You simply can't beat the Tesla gun Kill Frenzy without the Wang Car bonus and Tanks-giving, simply because the game does not spawn that many police vehicles. Sorry.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have so much luck!!


I had back up save game before I passed the Tanks-giving mission and the shotgun K.F


Now I've passed the shotgun K.F and the electro gun K.F!! smile.gif now I can get 100%.. smile.gif

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  • 1 year later...

I've completed the most Kill Frenzy rampages and some of them are difficult to accomplish especially with the shotgun and Electro-gun K.F and I have got quite annoyed with some Kill Frenzy missions so I'll try to find a way to change the countdown time that you must complete it before it expires to fail the K.F rampage.


I had a look at the script that you can edit the K.F countdown but how do you actually freeze the countdown time so it will be easier to complete the Kill Frenzy mission?


For example:


//destroy 10 vehicles in 30 seconds with a rocket launcher


START_BASIC_KF_TEMPLATE ( thr_kill_frenzy_1 , 1804 , icon_kill_frenzy_1 , grnplayer , ROCKET_LAUNCHER )

kill_frenzy_1 = START_BONUS_CHECK ( no_zone , 900 , 10 , 0 , CAR , not_exclusive , BY_ROCKET_LAUNCHER , NONE , NONE )

DO_BASIC_KF_TEMPLATE ( kill_frenzy_1 , timer_kill_frenzy , 30 , onscreen_counter_kill_frenzy , saved_counter_kill_frenzy , 10 , 1804 , grnplayer , SCORE , 50000 )



Is it possible to change any number code to -1 from 30 or more? What is the extended number for any countdown time that is allowed to modify?


Also in any Kill Frenzy missions, all weapons are currently unlimited until the countdown expires and all the weapons will resume back to default ammunition number. Is there a way to change ammunition to become unlimited like K.F weapons?

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Easy to modify on Industrial (just change the MIS file and recompile) but the other levels haven't been fully decompiled. Epic Map Editor decompiles about 99% but that 1% is still a lot of code to rewrite manually. B-$hep can probably change the line in the SCR, just tell him which kill frenzy and how much time you need.


I don't think -1 works for time but you can give yourself plenty of time.

Edited by Sektor
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What about Cheat Engine or any other trainer software program? I'm not an expert on binary or hexadecimal code (I don't actually know how to do it) but is it possible to re-create the memory addresses to edit the specific line for Kill Frenzy countdown timer? If not, then I wait until I try and find another way for changing the countdown time.

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For me it is easier to change .scr file than sit on front of my pc for hours and trying to find correct memory addresses for different things.

And if memory address changes, its even worse.


CE is good for memory addresses that change stuff but i don't have time for this.

Edited by B-$hep
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I changed the "20 cops with shotgun" to 90 seconds which gives 1:30.


But for some weird reason, when it reaches to something 30 seconds (left) then it says "frenzy failed"


Dunno why.

Maybe another bug with big odd timer values or it just wants better values like 100 or something, dunno.


But even with 90 its very hard to complete this frenzy.

If anybody wants it, i can upload.

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  • 1 month later...
  • 7 months later...

Hey, i actually found a more or less safe and fast way of completing the following "impossible" Kill Frenzies:

  • KF #7: Kill 20 cops in 60 secs with machine gun
  • KF #8: Kill 20 cops in 60 secs with shot gun
  • KF #19: Kill 20 cops in 60 secs with electro gun

What you need to do:

- crush a B-Type at the Zaibatsu car crusher to get invisibility
- park a fast (parking) car next to the place where you collect the power-up
- get another B-Type, so you can get invisibility for the next Kill Frenzy
- if you are unsure about the last Kill Frenzy, you can crush another B-Type at the Scientists car crusher to get invisibility


Now after you get the tank, park it right before the entrance, so that you won´t get 6 stars, then drive and collect the invisibility and start the machine gun frenzy. When you are at the entrance drive the tank out and now you have 6 stars... and have a nice shooting. I abuse the fact that you loose your wanted level after completion of a frenzy to complete the other ones in one go by reentering the tank. Also another important side note is that Invisibility lasts 60 secs while Invulnerability only 40 secs, so it´s superior in any way. ;)


Video demonstration:



Note that Tank road blocks (they attack you even if no wanted level) might spawn after you complete a Kill Frenzy. You might notice that odd behaviour if you see soldiers (who don´t attack you if no wanted level) and army cars on the road. This doesn´t last for too long usually and best way is to drive to a safe spot, wait a little and then do the next Kill Frenzy.


I also initionally planned to do 4 Kill Frenzies in one go. It´s very risky, but if you want a real challenge you might also try KF #17 (destroy 20 cop cars with Furore GT with vehicle mines). You will need to unload it from the transporter before you do a Kill Frenzy. Because of the odd behaviour which occurs very often after you complete one of those Kill Frenzies during the "Tanks-giving"mission you will have now army vehicles driving around and this gives you a chance of completing this Frenzy without piling up cars. There is the danger of tank road blocks, but they don´t appear anymore after you blow up one car with the mines.

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Has anyone tried to complete all the KF in the PS version?
They differ from the PC version.
Some are simpler than PC analogs.
Some are almost impossible.
I completed 29 of 30.
KF 11 in Residental - blow up 20 cars in 1 minute.
The PS version has no parked cars(
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Any clues how to walkthrough "Destroy 20 vehicles in 60 seconds with Molotov-cocktails"  in Residental District on PS1? Wang cars in ps version are absent. Found walkthrough on this video.

But the player used cheats... I do not want to walkthrough rest of game with cheats, as far as I understand, they do not turn off if they were entered at least once.

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