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GTA IV Soundtrack Discussion Thread


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All of your favorite tunes from "Grand Theft Auto IV", now available for your listening pleasure.



Hosted by Mister Cee

Hosted by DJ Green Lantern



Hosted by DJ Premier

Hosted by Francois K

Hosted by Roy Ayers

Hosted by Femi Kuti

Lonnie Liston Smith - A Chance For Peace
The O'Jays - Give The People What They WantGil Scott-Heron - Home is Where the Hatred Is[*]
Manu Dibango - New Bell
Creative Source – Who Is He and What Is He To You
Fela Kuti – Zombie

Hosted by Roy Haynes

David Count Basie – April in Paris
Chet Baker – Let's Get LostArt Blakey and The Jazz Messengers – Moanin'
Charlie Parker – Night and DayRoy Haynes – Snap Crackle
Duke Ellington – Take The “A” TrainDizzy Gillespie – Whisper Not (Big Band)


Global Communications – 5:23
Tangerine Dream – Remote Viewing
Ray Lynch – The Oh of Pleasure

Hosted by Karl Lagerfeld

Peter Brown – Burning Love Breakdown
Suzy Q – Get On Up And Do It Again
Cerrone – Supernature
Harry Thumann – Underwater


Hosted by Jimmy Gestapo


Hosted by Iggy Pop



[*] denotes that the song has been removed as of April 26, 2018 due to expiring music licenses.

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user posted image

Hosted by Bobby Konders

Richie Spice – Youth Dem Cold
Munga – Mi Fraid



user posted image

Hosted by Juliette Lewis

The Boggs – Arm in Arm (Sky Child Mix)
Get Shakes – Disneyland, Pt. 1
The Prairie Cartel – Homicide (999 Cover)
UNKLE (feat. The Duke Spirit) – Mayday
The Black Keys – Strange Times
Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band – The Teacher
!!! - Yadnus (Still Going to the Roadhouse Mix)

user posted image

Hosted by Daddy Yankee

user posted image

Hosted by Carl Bradshaw

Stephen Marley – Chase Dem
Bob Marley & The Wailers – Rat Race
Bob Marley & The Wailers – So Much Trouble in the WorldThe Wailers & Damian Marley – Stand Up Jamrock

user posted image

Hosted by Vaughn Harper

R. Kelly – Bump & GrindMtume – C.O.D. (I’ll Deliver)
RAMP – Daylight
Loose Ends – Hangin’ On A String (Contemplating)
Marvin Gaye – Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)Minnie Ripperton – Inside My Love
Ginuwine – PonyRaheem DeVaughn – You

user posted image

Hosted by Ruslana

Kino – Gruppa Krovi (Blood Type)
Seryoga – King RingSeryoga – Liberty City: The Invasion
Oleg Kvasha - Zelenoglazoe Taksi (GreenEyed Taxi) (Club Remix)

user posted image

Hosted by Lazlow


(PART 1)(PART 2)(PART 3)(PART 4)

user posted image

The Séance (Hosted by Beatrix Fontaine)

(PART 1)(PART 2)

Pacemaker (Hosted by Ryan McFallon)

(PART 1)(PART 2)

Intelligent Agenda (Hosted by Mike Riley)

(PART 1)(PART 2)


user posted image


The Richard Bastion Show (Hosted by Richard Bastion)

(PART 1)(PART 2)(PART 3)

Just or Unjust (Hosted by Judge Grady)

(PART 1) (PART 2)

Fizz! (Hosted by Jane Labrador, Marcel LeMuir, & Jeffron James)

(PART 1) (PART 2)


The Soundtrack Trinity

user posted image


user posted image


user posted image

Logos created By Shinsta312

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I hate to come down with all the negativity again, but I really dislike the soundtrack to this game. First off, why are there 3 different Hip-Hop stations? Surely 2 would have sufficed. I quite like all genres of music, before anybody accuses me of having a narrow music taste. I like everything from Florence and the Machine to Iron Maiden; from Freemasons to Vivaldi. But I really struggle to like the soundtrack to this game... I don't know what it is, but there just don't seem to be the same quality of songs on this as other games. I much prefer the BOGT soundtrack- Vladivostok has some fantastic house music on it, San Juan has some incredibly catchy tunes and Vice City FM is great. San Juan on IV is a little flat to me. IV Vladivostok has some good songs on it, but I much prefer the house music version on BOGT. And as for the rap stations... well I just can't get into them. "Top Down" and a couple of others are good, but they hardly picked a great collection on the whole- this is from somebody who likes Hip-Hop generally. Oh and last point, I actually quite like The Journey.

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WF the Hobgoblin

What three different hip hop stations? The only ones I'm aware of are The Beat and The Classics.

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What three different hip hop stations? The only ones I'm aware of are The Beat and The Classics.

Massive B I think. Actually that is more reggae and I don't mind it because it has some catchy songs. EDIT: Massive B is Dancehall- a variation of Reggae- my bad.


To add to my post above, I love The Vibe, I completely forgot about that. I'm a massive fan of Rock and Metal but the songs on LCHC and LRR are more miss than hit. It's hardly like the selection on the Radio X; K-DST and V-Rock stations of past GTAs. Electro Choc is pretty good when I'm in the mood. BTTTRY (Bag Raiders remix) is insanely good. The Studio's selection is nowhere near as catchy as it's playlist on BOGT. The Jazz station is a pretty cool addition.

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I really loved Schweine by Glukoza on Vladivostok FM that pretty much was Roman's theme song and the song that fit the Hove Beach days best. Wild Dances is another great one that does a solid job summing up the immigrant culture that really exists in NYC especially if you read about what the lyrics mean. Vladivostok is full of other great songs too like King Ring, Nikogo ne Zhalko, Gruppa Krovi, and Kvatira.


There's alot of other great songs like Top Down by Swizz Beatz on The beat I think that song is great for a car chase or jusr cruising around the city, Flashing Lights by Kanye, and Hip Hop by Joell Ortiz are all pretty solid


Radio San Juan had some good songs but the only ones that really stood out to me were El Desprecio by Aventura and Ven Bailalo, both really capture the essence of the heavy Puerto Rican and Hispanic population


So many other great songs too

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I think Rockstar did a great job with the soundtrack and basing it on the East Coast region. I liked most of the stations except The Journey.

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