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[REL|0.2] ParkingMod

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This mod allows you to create parking spots anywhere of any size in which you can store an unlimited number of cars.


All suggestions welcome and it is my first mod so don't be too harsh please biggrin.gif


V0.2 Changelog:

-Settings are now stored in INI file

-Option to spawn to the previously used parking spot

-Now saves more of the cars data(0.1 files incompatible with 0.2)


INI Settings:

Interval is how often the script checks your location, making the value higher may give a delay between you leaving and the data saving.

ViewDistance is max distance from the center of the parking spot that the vehicles are loaded, I found this value gives no errors however you may need to lower it if you do

SaveDistance is the distance from the center before the parking spot is saved, if set to -1, it uses the radius you set for the house.

Spawn is whether you want to spawn at the previously used spot.


Usage instructions:

To add a parking spot:

Type the command "createhouse Name"(Name is to be replaced with the actual name) into the scripthook console.


This then enables the use of the NumPad.


Go to the center of the area you want to use as a parking spot and press NumPad5, this will set the center point.


Next go to the far corner of the area and press NumPad9, this will set the radius of the spot.


Finally go to a the place you would like to spawn at for this parking spot(angle is saved so make sure you are heading in the right direction!)


Once you have set all 3 points. Use the "finishhouse" command, your new parking spot is now complete!

(use the "cancelhouse" command to cancel making the parking spot)


To delete a parking spot:

Go to the set spawn point and use the "deletehouse" command.


Installation instructions:

HazardX's Scripthook is required and can be downloaded from here:http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=392325

Copy the ParkingMod.net.dll into the scripts folder in your GTA4/EFLC directory.


Uninstallation instructions:

Delete ParkingMod.net.dll and the ParkingData folder

Edited by Nissandrifter

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how to fix the modded cars problem:


biff, biff, car, BIFF, BIFF, [email protected], [email protected]_BA_XX, 10, 999, 0.3171, 0.3197, 0.8, 1, 1.5 ,1, big+avoidturns+big+ext_strong+truckfirefx+truckexhaustfx+truckenginefx
blista, blista, car, BLISTA, MOONB, [email protected], [email protected]_LE1_RI1, 100, 999, 0.2272, 0.2272, 0.3, 2, 1.0 ,1, ext_sunroof+ext_strong
difference: ex :BIFF,BIFF
mods usually change that things for cars so the fix: 1)change the car name in the parking data to BLISTA because the mod saves the car by the second name(MOONB)
2)remove the difference in the vechicles.ide (from BLISTA,MOONB make BLISTA,BLISTA)
and its fixed u can save modded cars
u wont have the BLISTA,MOONB because i modded that car,you change the car you modded
i will make a video to fix it

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Yeah no. Nice bump.

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