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I am setting up broadband internet for a Christian Camp in New Zealand; KVCC.


I have a D Link DSL-2645B Wireless G+ Modem Router, a Linksys Wireless-G Access Point and a D Link DIR 500 Wireless Router.


I have the internet working wirelessly off the modem and in one of the dorm rooms:




Starting from the Big Blue Roof, that is the gym, then we have Girls Dorm, Dining Hall, Boys Dorms. The Little white roof is the Office and then we have the workers' houses.


The phone line comes into the Boys Dorms and that is where I have wireless. Now, I need to get the internet to extend to the Office and Houses.


I need the AP to work as a repeater and Access Point and extend to the office. However, I can't get it to allow internet access at the moment.


Before you suggest DD WRT, I put that on the DIR 500 and can't revert it to Stock firmware, so I am hesitant to put it on anything else.


I need some help as this is driving me crazy.



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