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need help with Anim


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i am a new noob i readed alot of topics about CLEO , but i didnt find anything cud help me with my new animation ,


1st of all i made new ifp file so the anim is not ped.ifp , i added my ifp in gta3.img ,


and i didnt find any way to make it work ..


2cd its a running animation (Sprint) i thought i wud make this new running anim beside the original one by pressing space , so wat i need is the same codes for sprint by space works with my new anim file dozingoff.gif ... thanks in advance

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i done all these already all i need is the codes for sannybuilder to make my Sprint anim works like the the original one . which means i will have 2 sprint animation 1 the original by pressing space and new one by pressing anything else ^^


i hope u got it smile.gif

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yea i already know , but the the problem is i want the animation load from frame 0 to last frame over and over till i release my hand on the key i am pressing , thats wat i cannot do xD . for example look at the original sprint keep pressing SPACE when u release he will stop..

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{$VERSION 3.1.0027}{$CLEO .cs}//-------------MAIN---------------thread "NINJARUNX" :NINJARUNX_13wait 0 if   Player.Defined($PLAYER_CHAR)jf @NINJARUNX_13 wait 250 if 04ED: load_animation "NINJARUNX" :NINJARUNX_55wait 0 if 04EE:   animation "NINJARUNX" loaded jf @NINJARUNX_55 if 00E1:   player 0 pressed_key 76 jf @NINJARUNX_55 0812: AS_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR perform_animation "NINJARUN" IFP_file "NINJARUNX" 4.0 loopA 0 lockX 0 lockY 0 lockF 0 time -1 // versionB wait 10000 04EF: release_animation "NINJARUNX" jump @NINJARUNX_13 



ok this is the script so where is the wrong with it ,, and i want it as i said repeating the whole frames till i release my hand on the key

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