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GPU fan not speeding up?


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My GPU has been getting a lot hotter recently, and I'm wondering what's causing it.


I assumed that time and useage may have affected it, but then I checked GPU-Z and it tells me the fan speed is constantly on 30%. Surely it should be higher when the GPU is under load?


I'm on a Aspire 5740g laptop (with an Radeon 5470) and the card would never raise above 65c when playing games (which I thought was good going for a laptop tounge.gif), but now the card can easily go above 90c, which is nearing dangerous temperatures I believe. I've tried changing the card settings to power save mode which seems to've lowered the temps a tiny bit, but it's still a bit worrying.


It's the same with my CPU too (i3 330m), which also has been hitting 90c, whereas it used to be in the 60's.


It is possible that the fan isn't spinning as fast as it should be? Or is there anything else I can do to lower these temperatures?



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leik oh em jeez!

Dust buildup on the fan can slow it down, and dust buildup on the heatsink can kill its cooling. Make sure the Laptop is getting good airflow under it, if it's still getting too hot, try using a paper clip or something to clean off any heat sinks you can get too. If that doesn't work, you can use compressed air, or resort to taking it apart and cleaning the components individually.

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