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game crash after finishing "MOMMA'S BOY" mission


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when I finished the "MOMMA'S BOY" mission the game is loading,,but after I wait 20 minutes it keep loading...

I have tried to restart my computer,,but its keep like that every time I try..

someone please help and explain why is this happening?

can someone know how to fix it?

is this has something to do with the trainer I used?


NEED HELP A.S.A.P panic.gif

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Run the game in safe mode.




Set reflection resolution, shadow quality,definition,vsinc to off and the rest at low graphic setting.


Choose either one. Option 2 work for most people.

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apparently I miss 1 folder when I'm in the middle of savegames installation tounge.gif


thanks man biggrin.gif


now I can continue the game ...



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