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Sorry if there is already a topic on this, but my internet browser does not support GTA Forums much so I cannot see all topics recently made but anyway...


Every time I go into a party mode with friends on XBOX Live, there are numerous glitches that happen whilst playing. For example, I may get of my car for even a second and it dissapears immediately or it even spawns somewhere else but in a different colour?


Another one is when I go to the bike shop in Alderney, the bikes seem to be there one minute but when you actually try to get on the bike, all bikes in the store flash and dissapear.


My last glitch is something I have never heard anybody mention. When I get to the bowling alley in Broker, there is a police officer that just stands there upside down (sorry i have no photo for evidence) Obviously, any GTA character upside down looks weird but I must point out there are no police on GTA party mode what so ever (apart from police cars)


Just thought I'd throw that out there to see if any of these happens to anybody else or if it is just a connection problem?

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