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My GTA IV work hard,more freezes




Procesor Intel Core 2 Duo-2.7GHz

3GB Ram

Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT

Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit 6.1 BUILD 7600

Directx 11


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That's a weak system. What settings are you running the game at?

Check your system temps. This could be an overheating issue.

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My settings in GTA IV:


Resolution 1024x768(60Hz)

Aspect Ratio Auto

Texture Quality Low

Reflection Resolution Low

Water Quality Low

Shadow Quality Low

Texture Filter Quality Low

View Distance 18

Detail Distance 20

Vehicle Density 20

Shadow Density 3

VSync On

Definition On



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Do you have any mods installed?

What patch are you using?

Also, does it freeze randomly or at the same point?


Also, have you checked your temps?

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I have the patch NO MODS


always freezes

I played this game a year ago and it worked pretty well

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A lot could have changed within your system in one year. Try the patch as it's said to be the best patch, performance wise.

Make sure you close all running applications before starting the game so that there's less stress on your system when the game is running.


And I'll repeat again, check your system temps. We need to be sure that your system isn't overheating.

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