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Infinite Armor Address


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Is there a memory addressed similar to the Infinite Health address (0x96916D) but for armor. If there is can anyone explain to me how to find it or what it is?

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There aint an "infinite armour" address, but you could check the player ped is wearing armour and make him immune when he is...

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The player's armor can be set to 0x7f800000, which is the infinite floating point value encoded in hex. Sorry, I don't know the memory address for player armor, but it shouldn't be hard to find. The savegame editor by Paul Breeuwsma has included an infinite armor setting for quite a while. It seems to work as expected, but will cause overflow errors in San Andreas Control Center.

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Might be useful, thanks smile.gif




To make Orion's snippet usable, use:



0A96: 0@ = actor $PLAYER_ACTOR struct000A: 0@ += 0x5480A8C: write_memory 0@ size 4 value 0x7F800000 virtual_protect 0



If SA supports that float properly, it should work.

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