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FPS is limited to ~50 fps?


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It's like there's no difference if I put options at max settings (with night shadows turned off ofc) or if I set it low, I get around ~50 fps. Maybe down 2-3 fps if I set settings to lower values. That doesn't make any sense. Why is there so little to no difference when I change settings from low values to almost highest? It doesn't affect FPS at all.


Maybe I should manually set max refresh rate (75)? Maybe by default it's set to 60 (-refreshrate –frameLimit to commandline.txt in game folder)? Who knows... It really gets me off that I can't past beyond 55 fps no matter what I try.


5770, Windows 7 x64


before you say my videocard can't afford more fps, I want to assure you that at low settings and resolution the videocard's performance is at the same level as if I set settings at high.


I wouldn't be bothered with fps if it wasn't up to me playing in multiplayer mode once in a while.



p.s. Also, where can I see default values for the option: -percentvidmem. Although, I have a suspicion that it's 60. Or is it uncalled for? As when I change its value ingame it's automatically sets this option value to 75 as well? Oh yeah, right.


And if I set value for –frameLimit to 0 (–frameLimit 0) this setting no longer will be limiting game's fps?

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Which patch are you on? When I was using my frames never went much higher than 50. On it will hit 60+ depending on the area of the map etc.

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Bernard Jazz

Sounds like you've got vsync on. If that's the case then turning it off will remove any fps limit.

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