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Minor (ihope) ped.ifp modding


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Recently i have been trying to mess around, and trying to make cjs walking style different however i can not access ped.ifp and have read some of the other posts...

Heres what i am looking for help with:

How can i make cjs walk and run like a certain ped?

*note: i am NOT looking to make a custom animation, just swap cjs currrent walk style with a peds (preferably with just editing the text of ped.ifp...)

What tools are required to do this? And where can i get them (for free preferbably)

*note: i know you need somw of kmaxs tools by reading the other forums, but however i want to intall as few as possible.

How would i edit this with to keep it so that gta sa will still run? (note have a mod thats makes the CLEO change walkstyle mod useless)

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