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How to completely uninstall....


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I noticed that whenever I uninstall and reinstall the game, everything is still the same...the data is carried over from 1 installation to the new one (mods still the same, etc).........its as if the game doesn't actually uninstall, even though it says it does......I dont know if this is an issue because I have an ISO of the game instead of the actual disk or what.......


whats more is that this "uninstaller" only takes a few seconds......a game of this size should takes minutes to uninstall.....not seconds.........


so whenever the game "uninstalls" it leaves several things behind that it should have cleaned up automatically........



Rockstar Games Folder In C Drive

GTA SA User Files In My Documents



even after deleting these manually, the new installation still remembers the old data...............is there any other hidden things that I should delete???



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Sorry, but we do not provide support for pirated copies of the game. Please buy the game and report back if you still face the issue.



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