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I downloaded a few mods by Arlen6 I think his name was, now it said I needed this to be able to install them, not I am having trouble with it. I just started modding today so don't laugh please. Okay I click run, then it says "failed to set data for " " that's all it says, then I click ok, then "GTA Garage" shows up, then I don't have a clue what to do from there if anyone could help me out it would be nice. Thanks in advance.

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Version 2 games don't mod easily: (You would have to downgrade the game. Downgrading is not discussed here.)

If you have a version 3 (downloaded Game) it is not moddable at all.



… Note that this forum is only for unmodded copies of the game. For anything related to add-ons, tools or mods, please visit the modding forums!
The emphasis above is mine.


In Your haste to post You must have missed the Centre Main Menu choice for MODDING. And obviously the Banner lettering: icon14.gif

Modding questions belong in THE MODDING FORUMS! Where You click on the underlined words. icon14.gif that’s where You can find Players who ARE Modders, they can really give You some help! smile.gif

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