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GTA makes me sick

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I'm playing the GTA games in chronological order so i started with GTA London 1961.


It seems that the GTA 1 engine's (not sure about gta 2's) camera gives me an awful headache. I think its because the zooming in/out while going slow/fast. I suck at driving in top down games but this just makes me sick. Also the missions in London 1961 are unbeatable for me. I can play some top down games, for example Chinatown Wars, but this is just impossible for me.


But i want to ask, are the gta 1 engine games worth playing if im playing for the story and are GTA 2 and GTA Advance better for me to play considering the camera zooming.

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Hi friend, this happens with me too! That's why I've never played the top-down GTAs, I can't because the nausea and headache!! sad.gif

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Minus the Boom

Yeah I can't stand a top down perspective either (although admiteddly it doesn't physically cause me pain either...). Chinatown Wars isn't really 2D, more like bird's eye 3D.

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^in fact GTA1, London '61 and '69 and GTA2 aren't 2D either (except for the objects, pedestrians and cars, the map itself is 3D), just top down.


The nausea and headache seems to be always caused by the camera movement, they move a lot, specially in GTA1. In GTA2 it doesnt move so much but if you get a fast car and keep driving forwards it WILL go forwards then your car will be in the middle of the screen, then again the camera will be forwards etc, getting you dizzy. But if takes long and only happens if you drive straight, without turning around. Although it also happens IRL, if you take a car and drive for over 30 seconds you'll lose your attention and eventually get dizzy tounge.gif


I guess the solution for you guys' problem is playing for some time, like 15+ minutes or untill you get used to it, stop, come back after some time then play again etc, who knows

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I think il just skip the GTA 1 games and go straight on with the 3d ones that have a story and maybe try out gta advance and 2.

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Not a bad idea... Everything before GTA III is more for nostalgia, and seeing how things evolved then actual playing. Sorry if you disagree but they're just out dated.


Then again i do think you could get used to it, when i first used the helicopter in GTA IV I moved around a lot in front of my TV... But with time I got used to it..

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Gravity Kills

Yes it is related yo motion sickness. There are people who can't play games at all, because they simply gat sick from them, all the fast movement and motions make them sick...

There are common simptoms such as headache, throwing up, or just getting sleepy really fast.

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GTA has a really shaky camera. Cars don't go easily in lanes and they wobble back and forth, the camera following its every move. GTA2 has a much cleaner look, and smoother movements. I never got dizzy from playing the latter, but I get quickly tired of playing GTA.

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General Scrotum

Well, top-down games like GTA and GTA: London 1916 (or 1969) aren't causing me problems like headache or nausea.

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I know exactly what you mean. It is really annoying.


I hate the noise that going over traffic cones makes aswell. It seems to go on and on & it reallt grates on me! Grrr


I'm willing to see past the bad things though because I remember how much I used to love the game as a kid.

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