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Grand Theft Auto : Silent Hill


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Ahh,Silent Hill,the came that makes your crap your pants over and over again.

And it finally came on GTA too.Is it good? Does it work? Is it real? Yes,Yes and Yes.

I constructed these missions over our beloved DYOM system.It has everything you need to scare the sh*t out of you : Action,Horror,Drama,A plot that will blow your mind and such on.

I mixed so much things into the pack.The combat system is from Silent Hill 1/2 whilst the bigger part of the story is from Silent Hill : Shattered Memories,sounds interesting,I bet it does!


"But how did you make a Silent Hill map in SA?" You might ask,well I didn't,I used certain place from all across San Andreas too make it look like SH,so in one mission you will find yourself in the entrance of the town which is cover with mist and fog and in the other you will find yourself in a forrest near a lake.


"And what 'bout headcrub zombhez?" Ahh,you mean the monsters,well,since I did not want to delay the mission pack by making models of my own or even finding models over the net I decided not to put any,you will however fight ugly ped's from SA,which qualify as monsters,right?


"How long is the story?" The story lasts about 8 missions,which is actually a whole chapter.

I wanted to get this sh*t out as soon as possible.


"Where can we download this bullcrap?" Right at the bottom of the post biggrin.gif


Well,this is soo much from the presentation,lets get to the story,shall we?


Harry Mason is writer and a loved father/husband,his daughter Cheryl is a small girl that has a good nature (Meaning she is well-behaved,responsible etc.),but something troubles her since every night she yells : 'Silent Hill' or 'Home!'.That something is unfinished business from that town.So,Harry Mason decides to go to that town and see whats happening to his daughter.While traveling to town they smash into a sign and trouble starts!

Where is Cheryl!? You have to find her!

So,Harry starts to search around,encouters monsters,meets other people,<span class="spoiler" onmouseover="this.style.color='#FFFFFF';" onmouseout="this.style.color=this.style.backgroundColor='#000000'">meets the devil aswell(Not really a devil,but you have to pass the missions too figure that out)</span>.The story,or should I say stories are a bit confusing but dont blame me,BLAME Konami!Altough I did mix Silent Hill (The Movie ) and Silent Hill Shattered Memories to make a bit more simple.


Characters :

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Cheryl Mason - The daughter of Harry,the so called good part of Alessa.Goes crazy thinking that her father is still alive.


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Lisa Monroe - Ahh,Lisa,that bitch is crazy and pushes my buttons,she is also the leader of the fanatics who belive in their own faith which protects them from the 'EVIL'.


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Patrick Stewart - Ahh,this fella' is in the normal world and seems to be able to see Harry,but he doesnt encouter any of the madness from the 'Hell'.


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Jack Barrows - Refered to as the Therapist in the game,I made up the name since I dont know his real one from the game.He plays a small part of the story by convincing Cheryl that she is crazy.


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Harry Mason - Ahh,Harry.The man you want to be,well actually you are him in the game.

With such a brave heart,good fighting skills and a good jacket,just kidding with the last one.

One of my all-time fav. characters.



Hey! Where Can I Download this Epicness?


Download : Ready To sh*t Your Pants?





Chimpsie - The Mission Designer that_guy2057_evilgrin.gif



TonyCJ - The Picture Feature Designer (Logo,Blood Splatter) orly.gif

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I f*cked up so Its getting update a bit by a bit.

But If you dont want to wait for the link go on the dyom site,you will see the mission pack there!




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What?So fast?I didn't see anything like this yet.How did you do this so fast?

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