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Cesar Vialpando problem


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first off, i would like to apologize if my question has been answered somewhere in the forum before. i have been all over the internet as far as i can go trying to find an answer to my problem.


i have a version 2 game that i have downgraded to version 1 through the use of a downgrade patch. i also have NoobMode, and am using NoobMode V2 gamesaves...dual weapons and i have thoroughly modified the handling and weapons .dat files to my liking (my desert eagle now shoots as fast as a minigun...lol)...all purely for fun of course.


my problem is this...wether i start from a saved game, or i start from the very beginning and progress through to the Cesar Vialpando mission, i get to the garage to modify the car when it says to do so...i back up and the garage door will not open.


i have tried various little things...jumping...stabbing, shooting the door and pausing and unpausing the game and nothing works.

i did take a look through the GTA Wiki and came across some info regarding a "GRGE" file that resides somewhere with or in the "IPL" files...which i believe control the garages and how they operate???...which in turn works in tandem with the main.scm....i think...lol


is there anything you kind ladies and/or gentlemen teach me so i can finally fix this annoyance???


any help would be most gratefully appreciated.


thank you all very much,

Bon smile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gif

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Moved to III Other.



Next time, post modding related issues in the modding forums so that you get better help.

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