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Mortal Kombat has been banned


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But really, does anybody else find it deliciously hilarious that a country made up of descendants of fraggin convicts being so staunchly conservative when it comes to explicit media?

I find it mildly hilarious, to be honest.

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Mayhaps your palate isn't quite as refined as mine.


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...highly anticipated...


Really? This is the first I've heard of a new MK, but honestly, they should have retired the series years ago.

MK's only selling point is the blood and gore. In the 90's, dem graphics were also incredible.


But its hardly a fighter in vein of the current crop (SF, Blaz Bruuuu, Tekken, etc).


As for Australia: what a sh*tty move. I constantly hear of Aus. Gamers buying sh*t online, which means that all the law has done is divert cash to online retailers and away from their land.


f*cking idiots. They must hate money.


I also know that flat chested girls are banned from pornography, or something like that.

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I find it quite agitating to find every tom, dick and harry's game to have been censored and THEN released in Australia. Thank God that such incidents don't occur in India..

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