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Prison Breakout


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Note: This pack is not based on the TV series


This is my first mission pack, so don't expect it to be perfect. And I am sorry for my writing mistakes.


The Story

Mike Johnson with a life sentence for a murder decide to escape from the Las Venturas prison. He trust his cellmate and they make a plan to go to Los Santos airport where they will catch a plane to Liberty City and will be free forever. But first they will have to find a way to get behind the strong walls of the prison







Name: Mike Johnson

Age: 31

Job: Prisoner

Description: He lived in Las Venturas and did his money with robberies before he go to prison.



Name: John Burrows

Age: 34

Job: Prisoner

Description: He lived in San Fierro, but he came to Las Venturas because he knew the Las Venturas bars has much more cash to be robbed. He killed a cop who tried to arrest him and he received Life sentence.



Name: Adam Franklin

Age: 36

Job: No job

Description: He is a good friend of John and he live in the Abandon Airport



Name: Jack Fernandez

Age: 35

Job: Prison Breakouts Investigator

Description: He is the detective who is the main enemy of the escaped prisoners and who can easily find them.


More characters soon




Season 1 - In prison

Mission 1 The Plan - Click here

Mission 2 Creating a team - Click here

Mission 3 Starting the tunnel - Click here

Mission 4 Bad luck - Click here

Mission 5 A new plan - Click here

Mission 6 Gold minute - Click here

Mission 7 The Breakout - Click here


Season 2 - Way to Fierro

Mission 1 The big search - Click here

Mission 2 Detective Fernandez - Click here

Mission 3 Lil'probe'inn - Click here

Mission 4 A map to San Fierro - Click here

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I tested the missions,pretty short...

Sinthis is the first pack ill give you a cookie.gif


Off-topic : Jetjatin,hacked..yet again...

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I Played the First Chapter here is my Feedback -->


First of all, good use of object good rotations icon14.gif

user posted image

Good Idea of breakout really needs some time to get the story wink.gif

I like the Setting of the Missions icon14.gif


And here are some thing to tell wink.gif (Not for Insulting)

Before going to upload missions, publish them.

I have Maked Prison Break.

I Always see prison break will set up in "Resicted Area".

Just there are a tiny mistakes.


Btw, the mission are good icon14.gif Have a :catload: catloaf_by_anuj.gif

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I'm gonna to download it right now because i love the Prison Break serial, i expect something kinda same biggrin.gif Well i'll just download it and see... smile.gif


*EDIT* Hehehe, i liked it, the series are fun to play n' stuff biggrin.gif i would give it 4.5/5 because i saw some problems...

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