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Performance/Glitches in GTA4


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Hello, i have BIG TROUBLE with this game, i recently updated my PC with a brand-new radeon HD6950, to increase the poor perfomances in GTA4, BUT i experiencing only texture glitches in certain situations, for example when rain in the game, there are intermittent-lights in all the screen, or in certain ingame movies, i see a little texture corruption. I used the last patch ( witch removes the Rockstar Social Club, and i can't go online after the removal of RGSC because it says "wrong password tiped" when i see with accuracy the tiping of PSW. At last, i see a little stuttering, specially when i start the game in the first moments. I noticed that this problems came out with the new VGA installed, probably is a low level driver optimization (i use the last Catalyst 11.2, with no luck). I'm VERY VERY disappointed for this game, i had a great aspectative for the PC version, but i notice that it causes only big problems to the people, rockstar.....make more attention in future for the console-sh*t conversion!

Thanks to all who response me, have a nice day. biggrin.gif


PS: sorry for my bad english, i'm italian smile.gif

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