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Who was worse Dmitri Rascalov or Ray Bulgarin?

Who was worse Dmitri Rascalov or Ray Bulgarin?  

144 members have voted

  1. 1. Who was worse Dmitri Rascalov or Ray Bulgarin?

    • Dimitri Rascalov
    • Ray Bulgarin

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Dimitri is far more to be taken seriously as an antagonist, due to the serious nature of his game. Bulgarin, as a central antagonist, and the ballad of gay tony as a whole in terms of story (not saying it isn't a great DLC gameplay-wise) had a lot of wasted potential.

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I really f*cking hate Dimitri, hate him more than all San Andreas + V antagonists combined.

Edited by Electrochoc

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Johnny Spaz

I'd say Bulgarin if he wasn't turned into a circus clown on TBoGT, Dimitri was a snake but he was a good leader, he truly made the Russian Mafia a threat to society by the end of the game.

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Dimitri is worse to me considering he betrayed everyone he pretty much knew. People he considered brother and people who loved him like Fasutin, Dimitri was willinging to backstab the mood for giant own gain. Bulgarian wasnt really showed much except for TBoGT and like Johnny Spaz said his portrayal there was not the greatest compared to hows he was shown in GTA IV. I definitely say Dimitri was worst then Bulgarin.

Edited by Domand

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iiCriminnaaL 49

Besides that each one of them has his own ways, I think they're pretty much the same in evil wise.


Some would see that Bulgarin was totally ruined in TBoGT. Well, I thought the same before, but person can't be a 24 hour crime lord, can he? TBoGT showed us how Bulgarin acts with his friends, partners and close followers. And if you ask me, I'd say Dimitri was even more of a pussy during Faustin's missions. He acts like a scared child in front of him.


They're both great villains, foreshadowing crime lords and traitors, after all. Although Bulgarin would've been more fitting as the main antagonist of GTA IV rather than Rascalov, as Niko mentions him when talking to Roman even before he finds out that he's actually in Liberty City, not to mention that he was a main reason of Niko to leave his country, trying to escape from him.


For me, I like them the same (as characters). As villains, I hate them the same.

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Let's see:

>Right hand man to some russian mobster who's got loyalty issues and betrays a lot of people
>An atrocious, yet eccentric, human trafficker who ran sex slaves from the balkans into the west


I think the answer is Bulgarin. Just because he's having fun in TBOGT shouldn't downplay the extent of his crimes.

Edited by universetwisters

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Dimitri is a scumbag...

I loved blowing out his kneecaps.


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