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IluvElegy's 3in1 Race Track

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I present to you: ILuvElegy's 3in1 Race Track !




Resume: Just a little race track i put togheter when i was bored. Gonna post in upload section soon, when i have time to do the description and all (screenshots and stuff). d^_^b Greating to all gta sa enthusiast !


Remember, i am not a modder, and i don't have the pretention to say that im one, BUT, this map is really really cool AND it's multiplayer (online) compatible AND it's only 30 ko AND, lol, its compatible with sakina (2 version include in the package). Easy install !! only 1 file to replace in map folder ! that's it, you're good to go !


Seriously, freakin fun with all the cars i have ! It's been done for a month now and i've played on it ever since... too much fun for me or my gta friends alone, so, I WILL SHARE IT to ya'll !


If you have questions or some, please leave a comment, i will try to answer as quickly as possible.


NOTE: the map is only about 30 ko, it's located in law2 so if you got something already in there too bad for you. secondly, backup your original law2.ipl, in case you wanna "clean" your SA map because, really serious, my race track is cool an all, but some street & complete part of the city in LA state and same for part of SF WILL HAVE lots of invisible object in them... even the sky, lol. It's like, not realy a pain in the ass... you wanna play my map, switch from clean law2.ipl to my law2.ipl (race track) and vice versa for a clean map of sa, its easy as pick & drop (do a backup of the clean law2.ipl !!!)


HAVE FUN ! d^_^b

Edited by IluvElegy

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it would be good if you make it with LOD´s, anyway, its a very nice map

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