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Ok so the first one that I thought of is that I want to do a type game where there's an armored truck to rob, that takes 4 people as the crooks, & 12 as police. And others following such as robbing banks and etc. I'll be able to plan it out when I see that people are interested.


Police shoot outs and different locations, I have some good places where to do shoot outs, starting with 1 getting a good amount of stars and moving to another. If one player dies he has to stay out until its completed (stars are gone and all locations completed) If all players die it will start over. I want the relocation to other places to be evacuation not exactly just running away, to do that there would be one person or two that would stay with out stars until they pick up the people and then another or two would switch with them by trying to escape after a time to get a helicopter, armored truck, or the tank (TBOGT).

Other then that I'll always try to mix stuff up with like setups on locations or with your ideas.



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Dude,this isn't a Instant Messanger

what console?

and it be good to put a section in 1st post of:Intro,Mission,tactics,shoot outs,player list ect

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