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Gta v Will change


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Since this will be the last gta of this generation. They will make it change the way we play gta's on the next gen consoles.


They will have a change we will never see coming like the wanted system, phone usage, ingame internet usage, online gaming, comnunication

usage, the main menu will be a interface like we have never seen like the map menu will be a digital view, the stats menu will be layed out like a section and sub menu, the display menu will be video footage of the way you change the layout of the game, the tourtial will be a video study mode were you learn the controles instead of ingame, the radio and sound menu will be a sound tester of your voice, for them using move or kinect but you can buy and connect a microphone to use the interface, for them that has neither the interface will retreat to standard menu options. The save and load menu will have video playing when you highlight the file you want to load and the file you want to save. There will be a as long as you have internet connection, a contsant live feed of online multiplayer of who won, how they won, how much they won, who they killed and what they used to kill them with. Also the live ranking system will update everytime....


this is my take on how

gta v will change the gta's of the next generation consoles

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If everyone posted topics like this, this forum would be over run. Your opinion is your opinion, but you not need to make a separate topic just to let everyone know it.



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