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GTA: VC - Player Position (x, y, z)


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I would like to know how to get the x, y and z-position of Tommy. The reference says, that you can find the coordinates on this address:

x: 0x94AD28 + 0x34

y: 0x94AD28 + 0x38

z: 0x94AD28 + 0x3C


But when i Want to read out the addresses with C++, i only get 0-values. Im not a beginner in programming, so this won't be my mistake. I just think that I have a thinking-problem with the memory-addresses.


How can I understand where the "real"-coordinates are?


And sorry for my bad english, im german.


Thank's so far!

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Try to add those offsets to actor's struct base adress.

I have experemented with actor's rot&pos matrix in GTA3 (those offsets are same there) few months ago, as I remember, it works fine for me.

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