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Were any of you here from the beginning?


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Postal Dude

I started with GTA 1 (And London) and GTA 2 because they were my first games ever :).

I got them in this collection.



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  • 3 months later...

I started playing GTA in 1997 - saw the ads and also the rumour that it was going to be banned, so I got hold of a copy for PC as soon as I could.


I also used to work on PC mods for the game, back when sites like Get That Azzhole! and the San Andreas Impound were around - I was making cars in 1999-2001, under the username LaserFoxx.


Such a long time ago :D

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I started with the gta 3 era when i was a kid. Played the crap outta San Andreas especially. And I was addicted for life.

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No when it came out I was came out I was 2. My first one was Vice city.

Edited by IDAS Leader
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  • 3 weeks later...

Bought GTA1 from Electronics Boutique in 1997. Changed my life. Games became for me more than games even with the freedom of the original game. Spent hours making my own little adventures in my head.


Bikes were impossible in GTA1, hehe.

RIP Rockstar Games

1998 - 2021




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I played GTA II extensively when it came out. I did not play GTA quite as much though. GTA L I didn't play much of. So in a way I started my playing 'career' earlier than most fans of the series.



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Still remember the EB Games worker telling me about the game.

Edited by joedelta
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I first played GTA1 as a schoolboy on my friend's big brother's PC, not much but I liked it and got it for my PS. The PS version was a bit cut down but it got fair play time and got the london version too.


I replayed it through my PS2 recently and it is still great although atleast 1 mission was rendered impossible by the console not spawning a fire engine ever! This time arround I took full appreciation of the 3 cities and their difficulty curve, in relation to where the series has gone since.

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Yup it was the first gta i played. then my uncle said he would get me the "real" thing which was GTA III at the time lol as he didn't like the topdown view. i still respect it for been the start of something amazing though. classic game in its own way

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  • 2 weeks later...

Firstly started with GTA SA, then GTA VC and GTA III.


However, I never played GTA 1, but ever played GTA 2 on my android with FPse Emulator.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I remember seeing a commercial on TV for what I'm guessing was GTA 2 (IDK, it was definitely 3-D). I wasn't a big gamer at the time, just playing Unreal Tournament, Quake, and the like. But when I saw that commercial, I was like, "wow." I went out and got the first Xbox specifically because of GTA. I think it was GTA III, and I played through to San Andreas on Xbox. Then I got a PS3 because it came with GTA. I'm thinking very hard about getting getting a PS4 because it comes with GTA and the Last of Us. But the truth is, the only game I really play is GTA. It's kinda nuts to spend $400 just to play one game, but I'll probably do it. Maybe today.

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I never owned a playstation till the PS4. so i was kind of limited to what Grand Theft Auto's i could buy. but i played GTA1, London 1969 and 1961, then GTA2, then rinsed GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas on the Xbox.

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gta i,ii, iii San andreas, iv and of course V.


I remember all the commotion number one caused and how life like and how it will make kids violent.

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  • 5 months later...

Yep I'm a 38 year old gamer ...seen the ZX Spectrum, amiga,snes,megadrive, 64, all 4 playstations and countless pcs. top down gta still kicks ass

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  • 2 weeks later...

I was playing GTA every day since GTA I , I'm what they call ''GTA Guru'' although Vice city Is my favorite, ofcourse I control the Vercetti Crime Family... so ofcourse it's my most active game I have on my PC.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Played the 5 minute demo version of GTA back in the day... Was lucky enough to need a new PC not long after that happened to come with 3 new games... one of which was the full version of GTA.... (the other two rocked out as well... Battlezone and Interstate '76: Nitro Riders). Own and played all up until San Andreas as my PC wasn't capable of running GTAIV.... Despite vocal protests, switched to console gaming in order to play the newer ones, of which I have GTAIV and GTAV. Trying to get my hands on the rest. The soundtrack from the original will always be the best. In terms of game play, without a doubt my favourite is GTA: San Andreas. A close second now is GTAV. Still, GTA2 was hella funny.

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I started with the first one, in early 1999. It was second semester of my freshman year of high school. I went to a friend's house and he had it on PC. It was a hell of a lot of fun because there was nothing else like it at the time- where you can cause a ton of mayem and blow up cars. I asked for GTA 1 and 2 for christmas that year but GTA 2 didn't work properly because my computer was really crappy (I am always way behind on PC technology) but I later played it at school. For some reason someone had it up and running on the computers in shop class and I later was able to play it for myself when I bought the psx GTA collection. I remember being really hyped for GTA III, and part of the reason I asked my parents for a PS2 was for GTA III. I used to go on the original GTA fansite (gouranga.com - originally grandtheftauto.com) to keep up to date on the latest news. I bought it on release night at a Toys R Us (by that time I was 17, so old enough to buy an M rated game though they didn't card me).

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I played these GTAs (begins with first and ends with last I started):

- GTA Liberty City Stories (UNFINISHED, don't like that one)

- GTA Vice City Stories (FINISHED, love it)

- GTA Vice City (FINISHED)

- GTA San Andreas (FINISHED a few times, love it, I still play that game!)

- GTA III (UNFINISHED, just didn't like it)

- GTA V (FINISHED, like it alot, but I still want APC, Hunter and Rhino Tanks old armour)

- GTA IV (FINISHED, a little disapointed about Liberty State being removed, but still love it)

- GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony (FINISHED, ABSOLUTLY LOVE IT, the complete edition was worth buying!)

- GTA IV: (guess what...) The Lost and Damned (UNFINISHED yet, but I still (rarely) play it, I don't really like bikers and all)

That's all, no GTA, GTA II, GTA Londen and GTA Advance!

Edited by EekhoornSWAG
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  • 1 month later...

Yes, I started with the original GTA on the Playstation, and the graphics were out-of-date even then in comparison to games like the original Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil 2, but there was something about it. The concept of just grabbing a car on the street and suddenly getting a mission. No game was alike and that was the biggest charm of the game. And it used to have a high-score table!

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I started with GTA 1 (And London) and GTA 2 because they were my first games ever :).

I got them in this collection.



That could be worth quite some money in a few decades from now, if not before. Imagine having a mint copy of this?

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