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Were any of you here from the beginning?


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I started with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Then I went back and bought every game from GTA 2 - Vice City Stories (all that was released at that time) Then I bought my xBox 360 in the middle of 2012, got GTA 4 with the DLCs, and recently got GTA 5.

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this is my first post here i thought id start with this thread it seems fitting....


so i first played GTA1 when i was in highschool... i got it 2 weeks after the first game came out for PS1..i had played it the sunday after it came out at my cousins house and just fell in love with it right away...


have to say its still my favorite of the lot only cause it was nothing like anything else ive ever played before this...whenever i hear the original song i smile..im not sure if the new game has the old song in it..i know almost every gta prior to this the song is hidden in there some where but this go around i cant find it (gta v)


then i remember seeing in a local video game chain that what i thought was a sequel, (gta london) was coming out.... so i bought it when it did... i remember i remember having to use the original disc before playing the london disc which i never understood why they did that haha....


i got gta 2 the weekend after it came out.... i HATED this game i dont know why i just never got into it..i liked some of the cars the missions were so so i just overall didnt like it...


then i saw online GTA III and how it was going to be 3d and i remember saying man they are gonna ruin the game this way cause the appeal to me was that the game looked so old felt like i was playing on a SNES and i loved that part of it...however i bought GTA 3 the day it came out ... this was before the series was as popular as it is today..i remember walking in buying my copy and the guy at the register said i was the first one to buy it all day... it was around 4 pm... and he was going on how awesome the game is and how much im gonna love it ..and asked if i ever played any of the others and i told him i had.... i took the game home and was just ridiculously impressed... and all my worries bout the game being ruined... were gone it was so much more improved (although i wish every game still allowed you to view top down just for nostalgia)


then i purchased vice city now ALLLL these new gta fans came about after the first game...i was actually worried that i wasnt going to get a copy the first week...so i preordered it at game stop and have preordered every console version ever since...


the only GTA's i havent played are gta Advanced/and the other london one ..i think its 1961...i dotn know the difference between the two london ones i just know the ps1 didnt have 1961....


my top favs are gta 1 and gta 3..... i think my least fav are gta 2 and gta china town wars....


my confusion with other gta fans is why they hate gta 4 so much i see too many people not liking that game and to me it was fun...i realize it trimmed otu a lot of what San Andreas brought to the table but i still loved it...


anyway thats ... long winded ..im a fan..nuff said

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yeh Gta 1 and London on the ps1 spent so much time playing that game...then got gta 2, damn that game was awesome.

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I was a rife six years old when I played GTA1. Got GTA2 not long after release, couldn't afford a PS2 for a couple years so I was late for GTA3 and GTAVC, but by the time GTASA came out I was good to go. Got GTAIV on release day back in '08, and because of money problems this year I was a few days late getting GTAV.


Lifelong fan of the series, in fact I may bust out GTA2 again later tonight, it's always been a personal favourite.

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I got GTA for the Playstation on the day it came out!

Well, I got my parents to get it, hoping they wouldn't see the "18" label XD. On the way home a police car passed us and my brother murmured "they're looking for some illegally bought videogames". My brother is a c*nt.

The PS version was missing a few cars and features from the PC version, though


After that, I think it was...

GTA: Bought on release day. Got the PC version around 2001 or so. Got the Game Boy Colour version in 1999, but that was crap, the worst GTA ever! (and impossible).

GTA II: Didn't actually get this until years later, like 2007? On the PC. Didn't bother with the GBC version, though I think it was better than GTA was (IE, there was more than one car on the road at a time).

GTA III: Got it on release day. My mum did lecture me about violent games this time XD. Got the PC version not long after it came out

GTA: VC: My brother's friend f*cked up our GTA III disc, so bought this as a replacement. Got it 2-3 weeks after it was released, played the hell out of it. Got the PC version the weekend after it was released.

GTA: Advance: Got it for the hell of it, probably second hand. I would quite like it if the cars didn't roll over so easily. The controls aren't all that good either.

GTA: SA: Got it on release day, both versions!

GTA: LCS: The reason I got a PSP! I think I got it on release day

GTA: VCS: Got it a couple of weeks after release, but it's buggy as hell so I hardly played it.

GTA IV: My brother got it a week or so after it was released. I was tired of videogames by then

GTA V: My brother got it on release day, not even played it yet :/

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I started with GTA 1. Here you are games which I started playing in time:


GTA 1 - May 1998 (I get GTA 1 on my 7th birthday)

GTA London 1961 - November 1999 (I buyed in shop)

GTA London 1969 - January 2000 (I get it for New Year)

GTA 2 - June 2000 (Buyed in shop)

GTA III PS2 - December 2001

GTA III PC - September 2002

GTA Vice City PS2 - December 2002

GTA Vice City PC - November 2003

GTA San Andreas PS2 - November 2004

GTA San Andreas PC - July 2005

GTA Liberty City Stories PS2 - July 2006

GTA Vice City Stories PS2 - March 2007

GTA IV PS3 - May 2008

GTA IV PC - January 2009

GTA IV TLAD - June 2009

GTA IV TBOGT - January 2010

GTA V - not yet, but I plan to buy in January 2014.

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I started with GTA 3, but I got the classic collectors edition at Target once.


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I've started with GTA III. So much memories and good times by playing it !

It is and will always be my favourite GTA :inlove: .


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I first watched my bro playing GTA I back in 00'

I started playing GTA back in 02' in this order

GTA III PC -2002

GTA I PC - 2002

GTA VC PC - 2004

GTA SA PC -2005

GTA IV PC - 2010

GTA 2 PC - 2010

GTA LONDON 1969 PS1 - 2011



GTA 3 and San Andreas PS2 - 2012

GTA LCS PS2 - 2012


GTA VCS PS2 - 2013

I am planning to buy GTA5 around 2014

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I'm not exactly sure whether I played GTA 1 or GTA 2 first. But I know I played both for quite some time between 1998 and 2001. Later I played Vice City, GTA III and San Andreas in that order. I didn't bought GTA IV due to lack of money for better hardware. A couple of weeks ago I just bought the PS3 boundle with GTA V. So I'm sort of planning to play GTA IV after I'm done with GTA V

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First time I saw GTA was at a friends house on his comp. Changed the way I looked at games... I missed a few along the way.









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My first GTA was Vice City. I was not into videogames then but because of Vice City, I got into videogames.

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Started with Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 (though it was simply 'Grand Theft Auto: London' in the UK) on PS1 at the age of about 7/8. I played it non-stop, theorised my own mission scenarios and played them out. I got to know all the bugs I could explioit for entertainment (one of which caused a guy who follows you and tries to kill you to come back after he died). A young child's mind was savagely corrupted and I went on to do some terrible things... like buying GTA 2 (no one checked ages with PS1 games once the PS2 was out - nor were ratings as strictly upheld back then). The next GTA I'd own would be San Andreas, but I'd played all the others in the meantime at friends houses (I didn't have a PS2 till the PS3 was out - in fact, I only saved up the money to buy a PS2 just to play San Andreas :p).

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I did. Except I seemed to have missed Advance, but other than that one, played them all.


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I started with GTA 1 for pc in '97 when I was 12 or 13 years old. I didn't know much about the game at the time but I've heard good things about it, so I bought it and I've been hooked on the series ever since.


I bought every game in the series on release day except for Advance, because the last time I had a Gameboy was in the mid 90s.


I'm still waiting for the pc version of V

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I remember playing GTA on a PC somewhere in 1998 or so. I'm surprised (but shouldn't be) at how alien this might seem to people.


The original, top down, games were excellent fun to just boot up and then drive around and cause absolute mayhem. I don't remember ever completling many of the missions, mostly because I found that it was just as much fun to just rampage.


I always thought the Cossie and the Trashmaster were the undisputed kings of GTA1. One was just a screaming, durable machine for high speed hoonery and the Trashmaster was simply a monster for blowing through anything up to 5 stars.

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I played GTA1 for the first time at my friends house sometime in 1998 and quickly became obsessed. The prospect of having an entire city to run around excited young me beyond reason. I didn't manage to buy it for myself until 1999 and I spent the first week or so doing nothing but driving around exploring. Since then I've played all of them except London 61 and the Advance version. I don't own V yet since my 360 died on me but I've been playing SP at a friends house, I'm picking up more hours at work though so I should have a console soon.


Doesn't seem like 16 years since I first played, where the hell did the time go?!

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I started the GTA Series with GTA 2. Saw my brother playing it on PS1. Got interested later on and bought GTA 1.

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I've played the majority of them - I started playing with GTA 1 on PS1, which I thought was awesome, so I got London and GTA 2 when they were released. brilliant games and alot of fun. After that, I didn't play any until GTA 3, then from there I've played every one. I actually quite enjoyed Chinatown wars, though not up to the spec of the others.


I think my favorites to date are 3, VC, SA & V - though London has an awesome soundtrack.

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I remember clearly. It was a sunny day in 1998. A friend at the mc donalds (where we both worked) invited me to play some pc games at his home after work. It was there and then that I played Half life and Gta 1 for the 1st time... 2 of the most impressive games ever.. and i had to take it in all at once!


They are up there in my top 10 game experiences ever... together with Mafia 1, Oblivion, Magicka, International Karate +++ (c64), Turrican (amiga)

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i think i was about 10 when i first tasted gta round a friends, how we howled at the theme music when it goes "f*cked on crack" unaware what crack was at the time, let alone why you would be f*cked on it.


this theme is my ringtone on my phone, and i cant ever answer the phone until the music starts,


good shot kid, you got him


friends often wonder why i answer the phone after the same amount of rings everytime. biggrin.gif


Made me laugh with scorn when I had to personally edit the GTA wiki article to include the fact that one of Niko's ringtones is the original GTA theme tune, and not just the GTA III pager tone.

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I did start with GTA 1 and I was around 7/8 years old at the time but only became a fanatic about the series after I played GTA VC.

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In terms of owning them:


GTA Vice City


GTA San Andreas








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