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Were any of you here from the beginning?


Recommended Posts

Yep. smile.gif

I remember when my Dad and I finished it. All the years gone past, he still brings up the character Uncle Fuji and the jobs he assigned you to do.


I don't think I heard about 2 and moved onto III but eventually I did play it and enjoyed it.

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  • 2 months later...

I started with GTA 2 and saw an article for GTA III in some gaming mag by chance at my uncles house. I still remember the image I saw that would change everything I thought gaming was. It was claude with a bat at his side. GTA2+3D=MIND BLOWNED I just knew I had to get a PS2 and GTA III.

Edited by elburrosleftnut
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Funny you should mention where you began to play GTA, because I pondered on that question about a week ago.


Anyway, here is when I bought each game (by year). They are all 100% accurate, except GTA: London 1969:


GTA 1 - 1997

GTA: London 1969 - 1999 or 2000

GTA: London 1961 - 2000

GTA 2 - Late 2000 (Around November or December)

GTA III - 2001

GTA: Vice City - 2002

GTA: San Andreas - 2004 (I believe the first or second day on the shelves)

GTA: Advance - 2004

GTA: Liberty City Stories - 2005

GTA: Vice City Stories - 2006

GTA IV - 2008 (Definitely the first day)

GTA TLAD and TBoGT - 2010 (Both on the EFLC)

GTA Chinatown Wars - 2010

GTA 1 was my first as well. played it first at a friends house freshman year of high school.


GTA 1 & 2: got for Christmas 1999 (both for PC)

GTA London 1969: 2004 or so for PSX, with the GTA collector's edition

GTA London 1961: 2006 I think... I actually had to buy the PC version of 1969 to play it. I played one mission and gave up. That games so hard!

GTA LCS: got for Christmas 2005 along with the PSP.

All other GTA games were purchased the day they came out or the night before:

GTA III 2001

Vice City 2002

San Andreas 2004

GTA Advance (online preorder) 2004

VCS 2006

GTA IV (online preorder) 2008

TLAD 2009

Chinatown Wars 2009

EFLC 2009

have GTA V pre-ordered at Gamestop.

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My first was GTA 2 in 2009 so I was about 11 at the time, then GTA 3 in 2011, and SA, VC and IV in this year.

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I started with the original GTA back than, I convinced my dad to buy it for me because I thought it looked cool, turns out it was smile.gif, and I have played all of them except Chinatown Wars and GTA London. But I didn't become a big fan of the GTA series until Vice City when my cousin brought it over with his ps2 and I heard Billy Jean I was hooked!

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  • 6 months later...

class of 1997 with GTA 1 reporting for duty


did not get it in 1997 but i played it in 1997 at my neighbours

got it in 1998


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The Pizza Delivery Guy

My first GTA was 2. Played it at my mom's friend's house.


GTA 2: 2001

GTA VC: 2005

GTA LCS: 2006

GTA SA: 2008

GTA 3: 2009

GTA IV: 2011

GTA 1: 2011

GTA VCS: 2012

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  • 2 weeks later...
Lock n' Stock

In the past I've often stated that GTA III was the first GTA game I played which was at my friend's house when I was 7. However, I actually remember GTA 1 before then when I was 6 or 7. It was at my brother's friend's house. Although I didn't physically play the game itself, I did see my brother and his friend playing it on the PS1 together. I still have memories of that top-perspective depicting the carjackings and driving around.


It wasn't until after I played GTA III for the first time when my mum bought GTA 1 on my PS1 (before I owned a PS2 I think). Had lots of fun with it until my dad snapped the disc right in front of my eyes not only because I was over 10 years under the age restriction but for also jumping on front of a guy's moving car (imitating what you could do in-game). I have no idea how that guy informed my dad, but I also remember him calling me a "little rat".


It wasn't until I was 14 or 15 when I was allowed to own GTA games again, apart from a time when me (age 11) and my brother got GTA Double Pack on the XBOX until it was sold back as punishment for me saying "kiss my ass" in school.

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  • 4 weeks later...

sh*t... i remember my friend had GTA2 for PS1 back in like 99-00... used to have fun with killing the loonies and getting shot.

but yugioh and golden eye overshadowed my love for gta until GTA III... I miss those days in citrus heights


early 90s kid reporting for duty

Edited by Ss4gogeta0
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I first discovered GTA at the beginning of 1998 (14 February if I am not mistaken), it was a week from my getting a Playstation and while I was hanging out at a friends house, I saw his aunt bought him a Playstation UK magazine from overseas. The magazine had a demo disc with a game called "Grand Theft Auto". We put in the game and I immediately thought, "what the hell is this, it looks outdated, this isn't in 3D". After a minute of gameplay, I got "it" and was amazed at the freedom. I was hooked and must of played that demo a few thousand times smile.gif


I used to look on the net at GTA London but was never able to buy it in South Africa sadly. I went on to buy GTA 2 as it was released in 1999. My love for the game carried on with GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas. Vice City is bar none my favourite GTA of the III era (and probably in general), but that's not to say I didn't love III and SA. I then bought LCS and VCS on PS2 and obviously GTA IV and EFLC on release.

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I think the first GTA game I played was 1, but I seriously got hooked on 2.

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I played the very first game as a demo. I used to see how many missions I kould do before the time limit (20 minutes? not sure) ran out. I kould get ALL four of the payphone missions done and have some time for a killing spree. smile.gif


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Yup! First played it back in the late 90s. A friend of mine told me all about it and was practically raving over how good it was. Once I got my hands on it I soon understood what he was talking about. I've played and loved pretty much every major GTA game since, with the exception of IV which I bailed on half way through chapter two - sorry it just didn't do it for me sad.gif


My favourite was Vice City. It was so much fun to play and Rockstar really captured the whole Miami/beach atmosphere perfectly.


Anway the best is yet to come - roll on GTA V! smile.gif

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  • 3 weeks later...

First time I saw GTA was III, over at my cousin's house during Jesusmas. Never played it though, just watched them play for a bit. My first love with this series was Vice City back in '02.


Impressive for those who have been on board since the beginning. Playing 1 fifteen years ago, I'm sure you couldn't have expected it to turn into what it has.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Yup I did. I use to go round my friends everyday to play it on their pc.I had no PC. I was overjoyed when it came out on the PS1 i got the magazine with the preview, and remember looking at the pics everyday till i got the game on release day. I was 10 years old and have been a major fan ever since! If memory serves right i remember one thing different about the ps version and the PC version was you couldnt hijack the train. It looks like that is making a return in V. Hasnt been possible since GTA 1 on PC.



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GTA 1 was the first one I played. I played it at a friend's house on ps1 back in '97 or '98.


Didn't really become a fan of the series until GTA III though.

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I remember being about four or five at the time. My parents were separated and I'd spend a few days with my dad occasionally. He was into video-gaming and such. This was back when the PS1 was out. My dad had bought a chipped PS1 with a whole stack of games: Apocalypse, Crash Bandicoot, Resident Evil 1 (It'd been released a few months earlier) and many others. He asked me if I wanted to try out Grand Theft Auto, "it's a driving game," he said. He flicked it on and I just drove around for a while.


Couple of months later my cousin got a bunch of emulators on his old PC, Snes, Genesis, etcetera etcetera. He had Grand Theft Auto and I played it again. Loved it since the first time I played and was hooked on GTA right up until four or five years later when III was released. Probably one of the only ways I bonded with my father.

"I might have laughed if I'd have remembered how."


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I did,


My first contact with GTA was back in 1997 when i was 12, i played a demo that only allowed you to play for a few minutes, it came in one of those magazines that included cd's with a bunch of demos that were so popular at the time.


I got hooked and soon after that bought the full game, then got london, then GTA 2, GTA 3, Vice city, SA, IV, and so on...

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I never liked video games that much at the time of GTA 1. It wasn't until Vice City i bought a PS2 but since then I have played every game in the series.

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GTA Vice City
GTA San Andreas

GTA Liberty City Stories

GTA Vice City Stories



GTA EFLC (Actually got it for the PS3 first, then for the Xbox after)



Haven't played any of the London's or Advance.

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He he he I started with GTA 1 in 1997 through a demo that was released in a games magazine and felt in love ever since.

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Did any of you start with GTA I?


If not feel free to post where you actually did start.

Saved my pocket money to buy the very first game for the first Playstation. loved GTA since the start.

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