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Air Raid?


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They always come from the same directions.

Observe the Patterns.

Aim in front of flight path. Let them fly into the cross hair dot.

Try to get them as far away as possible. When they are mere dots themselves.

Fire only when they are entering the cross hairs.

Don't get too excited, it's only a game.

Breath. Relax. Watch for the patterns.

Watch the Radar.


When they Smoke they are Dead/dying.

You've heard the term "Smoke Them!"

Don't shoot the Towers.

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First off everything, don't kill Zero with the Minigun - I used to do it a lot just for fun and always got annoyed after killing him because I did it. Simply destroy the RC Planes. Take a look on the radar every time after you destroyed a plane to see from which side the next one comes. Even if it seems far, shoot at it. Also, don't focus on the planes which come 4-5 in a group. They're usually more far away than the ones that come alone.


Simply look a lot on the radar, it helps a lot. icon14.gif

I've got to say that this mission can simply disturbs your eyes, well, at least if you focus too much on a plane. Just fire on it and you have 90% chances to destroy it!

Dead (Retired)

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In that mission, you've got to be quick with destroying the planes. When I did this, I just fired at their general direction and was able to get just enough hits on them to make them drop, then quickly move on the next ones before they reach the transmitters. You have infinite ammo and no need to reload, so you can keep firing at all times.


Also, when a pack of several planes appears, focus on that, because it's kind of a major threat.

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