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What to do after beating the game?


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Are we discussing about wanted stars here!! If yes then I want to say early or late play, you can get 6 stars or even more by a Cleo script easily.

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Lethal Vaccine

:miranda: I suggest if you want to keep bringing up Mods/CLEO/Save Editors/Cheats, you just go into those Sections and talk it all you want. A lot of people play the game legit here and don't take the easy way out. If you play the game as intended, you can't get a 5 or 6 star until LATER in the game. It's that simple.

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slimeball supreme

I never 100% SA, but I always live the life of CJ after the story.

Like, a routine. Wake up, go walking, eat a burger (or 9) and then walk/drive home. Maybe pretend I have a job at Binco or something.

Sge6QaD.png yURtluV.png

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There's a lot of things you could either play or change your approach according to how you wish to play.

I don't think its easy to list in one post about the number of approaches covering various creative ideas that you could easily become immersed into trying outside the 100% inside the large, open world, sandbox gameplay.

All I can say is, possibilities are as many as your imagination since the game offers a lot of fun tools to make the process of your imagination not just as easy to lose yourself with the game having fun but also as challenging as you want.

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I do this things:

  1. Use a cool mod.
  2. 6-star wanted level run-off.
  3. Finish all schools.
  4. Try missions again using a mod.
  5. Try some parkour stunts(also in vehicles.)
  6. And actually,time to make my own mods.


But when I make a new game again after finishing the whole storyline,I don't want to finish the storyline,'cause it's being satiated. I directly do this things.


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Lethal Vaccine

Schools are required for 100%. This is what to do AFTER 100% :p Just saying

Edited by Militia
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Schools are required for 100%. This is what to do AFTER 100% :p Just saying

Lol same thing goes with saying starting new game and doing all that stuff with money by betting on horse, etc etc.

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I think that endless police chases will always be on TOP ;)


Also taking some of the stats to maximum, trying to do most of non-100% challenges, trying to do some new stunts, for example last time I was riding an NRG 500, used stairs to jump, and in air I opened a parachute and landed (very low high!!). That was cool!


Or you can just ride around San Andreas listening to the radio :)

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  • 1 year later...

EDIT: << Merged into existing topic >>

I finished gta sa 100%.now i am bored of it.so please tell me what are the other things i can do in gta sa

Edited by lil weasel
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go back again. Try using different weapons, vehicles, and approaches to the various missions.

Also look for exploits to do things you were not aware of.

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Try looking for the glitched out Pay n Spray in LV. In fact, if you're into the modding scene, you can always try modifying your game to have new missions, or even put beta items back in to give you a new experience. Apart from that all I can suggest is

Try using different weapons, vehicles, and approaches to the various missions.

Edited by MrPeteyMax
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good and challenging way is to do the missions using only melee weapons, chainsaw is all powerful if you know when to attack!

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The best thing to do after 100% ( and mainly, if you replayed SA a lot before ) is playing with a self-imposed creative approach, thus it requires some planning in advance before you initiate the long journey from the start of the game which means you need to know the game literally inside and out before moving on.

The "self imposed" approach works best with games like GTA SA because the game offers you so much with plenty of freedom and choices inside. This is the best way to enjoy the game after 100% than

following the same "logical" order and "obvious" approaches by default while playing around and doing other stuff.

Its not easy to compile a list of what constitutes for a good "self imposed" playthrough because that would be a lot to cover and depends mainly on player's preference and creativity.

I'd suggest a few of the things I often approach:

- Playing in as believable manner as possible, which is different from playing in a realistic approach. By believable, what I mean, is to entirely ignore ( or avoid with moderate use of ) as many things as possible that can make CJ become overpowered. For instance; avoid freebies ( like pickup items ) available throughout the map, no shortcuts like betting to make money, only sticking with the main save points and safehouses that are made available to CJ by the game's story, ignore rewards from dating, etc

Just keep on adding as much as possible to the list for making the game a whole lot more different, creative and unique. This method of playstyle has helped me significantly on each SA playthrough to get that 'push' that normally I don't bother to think about in what way I'm playing and follow the normal path for achieving 100%. It requires thorough planning and proper idea about the game before one starts to think about various ways to tamper with the game's structure and spur on creative thinking to come up with ideas of emergent gameplay. Trust me, SA has surprising amount of things to experiment and figure out fresh approaches each time. I have managed to complete some of the missions in the most unusual and interesting ways that I never bothered to spend time in trying out before, including the minimum-kills approaches available on the front page.

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Depending on how well you know the game, there are many self imposed challenges you could do that restrict your usual playing manner to a point you're forced to complete missions in new ways. One I was always fond of is only using weapons you're given, forced to buy or available as pick ups. You're not allowed to buy any guns. What this does is help you remember where stronger weapons are early on. By using this, I was able to achieve the highest skill level on the Desert Eagle and MP5 (two of my favourites) right at the beginning. The game will replace your handgun slot as you meet Emmet and at other points early on, but it's easy enough to replace. When you're plopped in the countryside with nothing, you're forced to scavenge for weapons. I think it adds a nice challenge.


Another one I've heard (but haven't tried) is the minimal kill challenge, meaning you can only kill necessary characters - if there's a way of escaping without killing, you must spare the life. I have a feeling there's a topic about this somewhere but it may have been for GTA IV now that I think about it. The storyline will force you to kill people, yes, but there are also missions where the game will expect you to kill groups of people to advance. Whether or not these missions are possible without killing at least a few, I don't know, but it's worth a go.


EDIT: lil weasel PMed me with the links to the minimal kills challenge.

Click this, this and maybe this.

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I haven't gotten 100%, but I'd gamble and drive through the desert and countryside, enjoy the scenery...

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  • 2 years later...
On 2/19/2011 at 12:59 PM, Sam998 said:

Theres trucking missions, collectables, GFs and Gang Turf anything else?


I know i'm probably missing a lot of things.

where was cj brother after the mission end


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I always wanted to reach "King of San Andreas" status after completing all missions, but that requires a lot of time and effort to accomplish so I have never done it and started new game instead.

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9 hours ago, Petermp said:

where was cj brother after the mission end


Sweet just is no longer a part of the game. There is no specific reason noted in the game play.

Subjectively he has a job and goes to work, just as his automobile disappears regularly during the rest of the game play earlier. Even when he was in prison Sweet's car would  disappear regularly.

Note: During the mission "Gang Tags", Sweet after dropping off Carl would park under the bridge on Grove Street.

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Do something else to complete 100% completion, if you already had, do anything you want experience with the game, like example killing all officer. or start new game again for more save game without dulplicate, if you want to.

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Ballas King

Roam around, date firl friends, since i take obver 100 % territory and sad no more Ballas or Vagos left, Aztecas are about the only aggressive gang s i just recruit GSFs and take on the Aztecas.

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Take over the cops , do cheats ( example riot cheat ) , or make a world tour around San Andreas .

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Official General

* Win, lose, win back gang turf. I also create new gang turfs in SF and LV using Save Editor. 

* Dating girlfriends.

* Buying and selling drugs (mod).

* Pimping.

* Gambling.

* Burglaries.

* Buying up safehouse properties.

* Saving women in the street if I see anyone attacking them, even police. 

* Visit strip clubs.

* Explore the countryside and other cities.

* Train rides. 

* Sailing.

* Swimming. 

* Flying on passenger planes for the scenery.

* Hang out on the beach. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

If you really want to replay the game, I'd say speedrun or get a mod like TTIDSA. If you still want to play more, you'd be suited to speedrun even if occasionally.

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  • 1 month later...

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