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GTA: Dope Wars


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I have been a fan of GTA SA since it came out bought many copies and would always talk with my friends about "the ultimate video game" in which it contained elements from my favorite games. I always said that if they had grand turismo quality cars and rainbow six style weapons in grand theft auto it would be the best game ever. Well with all the mods out thats very easy to accomplish. Now what I'm wanting to do is turn my favorite simple game of all time "Dope Wars" into side missions in GTA SA.


The premise is pretty simple to anyone who has played Dope Wars. You start out with a small amount of money and you have the option of buying a selection of drugs, not all drugs are available in all cities and the price fluctuates netting you profit on the sale. Using the GTA III engine this could be made into a show stopper!


Different areas of the map could be split up into "hoods" or districts, with each having its own market and preferences. Certain cities could be producers like meth shacks in the desert, or marijuana fields in the mountains, cocaine and heroin by the airports and so on.


This could be made into a showstopper by using the engine's details, like satchels for drugs bags, bags of money. It would be awesome for an element being the responsibility of size, so the more drugs you start selling the more vehicles you'll need for transport, cars boats and planes!


It would be cool to make this a huge side mission kinda like the gang wars only it happens throughout the entire game.


I'm looking for other fans of Dope Wars to come together and share ideas. I've never done anything this big and am looking for a group to help out and come up with something special that gets everyone talking.

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Wow I feel stupid as I did google it before and when I checked again just now a thread about that mod was the first hit.


I havent played it yet but from the screenshots alone its not what I'm planning on doing, although I havent played it it looks mostly menu driven and I want it graphics driven. But again I have yet to install it.


Thanks for the heads up but again if any people are still interested I'm still pursuing this as I have my own vision for this game.

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