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One Reason to Die


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(thanks to jetjatin for the logo)


He had his own life.Until one moment...


Jeff Supremo was a gangster and a dealer, he had cars and girls, he had it all. Until he met Carl Stevens...

1995 year, Los Santos. Mike and Jeff are staying near the parking at Santa Maria Beach. Jeff is now not a criminal or a gangster, he’s a usual man. Mike gets inside his car and drives away. Jeff is now alone...


Hints,tips,solutions and other stuff

Here I'll post all hints,tips and other stuff like this.

Chapter 1-Reunion

It's fun,but there are no links to "Old Roboi" and his sons in the game.

Carter,"good son" of Old Roboi,is wearing Pizzaboy clothes,but he doesn't and didn't work in any "Well Stacked Pizza Co.".



user posted image

House-Save house




Updates about missions

Here I'll publish all updates that about missions(sorry for plagiarism)

Chapter 1 Intro has been completed!

Lost years mission of Chapter 1 has been ended and uploaded.Please,play it and give me feedback(because I have a copy of it)

Something special in your mind mission has been ended and uploaded,please play it and give me your feedback.



Here will be all missions


This color means that chapter is ready.Also it means that mission is easy

This color means that Chapter has WIP status.Also this means that mission is medium

This color means that chapter is not ready and I don't work on it yet.Also this means that mission is hard


Chapter 1-Reunion


  • 1.

2.Lost years

3.Something special in your mind

4.Angry Dominick

Sorry for my behavior,but I close this project.Not forever,but I must think about some new ideas.Moderators,don't close this topic,I'll work on this as soon as end my new project.Thanks for understanding! Edited by SatournFan
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(Thanks to LeonCJ for design)


Characters(Pictures of characters coming soon...)


Jeff Supremo

Jeff is 30 years old criminal. In 1993 year he met Carl Stevens. Jeff was sure that Carl is a good guy and he won’t set him up in any situation. When it was 1994 year, Jeff and Carl had a big deal. Jeff set Carl up and took all money.

First met: Intro

Status: Alive


Mike P. Farrentino

Mike is 36 years old mafiosi and a big trouble for those who is on his way. In 1994 year he met Jeff and they both were disturbing people and robbing shops. Mike must get away from town because of his problems with cops.

First met: Intro

Status: Alive


Carter Roboi

Carter is 24 years old and he one of the owners of "Roboi's Food Mart".When Old Roboi has died,he gave him and his brother,John,his shop.Carter is kinder and happier than his "angry brother".

First met: Lost years

Status: Alive


Stranger's helper

(The stranger is mentioned in the Intro)Stranger's helper is his right hand and he is talking to Jeff about work and giving him Stranger's tasks.

First met: Something special in your mind

Status: Alive



Stranger is the man who gives tasks to Jeff by his helper.Stranger can't be seen in story.Jeff's reason to do his tasks is the fact that his house was mined by Stranger's men.

First met: Can't be seen

First call to Jeff: Intro

Status: Alive


John Dominick Roboi

John is 28 years old and he is one of the owners of “Roboi’s Food Mart”. He is angrier than his brother, so he took a shop and now he is the main owner of it. Old Roboi is his step dad,so John isn't Carter's brother.

First met: Angry Dominick

Status: Dead(Died in: Angry Dominick)

Edited by SatournFan
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What's the reason? biggrin.gif

I'm going to wait for it

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"Lost years" mission has been uploaded,character "Carter Roboi" and his description has been added.

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Oh a mission going to check that out and then i give you my feedback ok biggrin.gif


EDITwow.gifk i'm back with my feedback the mission is short really short make missions longer and it will be fine your writing in missions is good i didnt saw any mistakes and coloring text its cool i like it but it easy too

Alright dude nice mission keep up biggrin.gif

Edited by TonyCJ
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Big Edit Box

Here will be all edits and updates that about missions and characters.Check this for new information


EDIT:I have just finished and uploaded "Something special in your mind",please play it give me your feedback! biggrin.gif


EDIT 2:"Stranger's helper" character and his description has been added.


EDIT 3:"Stranger" character and his description has been added.


EDIT 4:Intro has been added,check the main post.


EDIT 5:Angry Dominick mission has been added,"John Dominick Roboi" character and his description has been added.Check the main and the second posts.


EDIT 6:I won't do this project with the help of "Storyline" feature,because I don't know it.

Edited by SatournFan
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Alright,I will wait for you to finish a little bit more of your missions then I'll download.

I want to see what how my countries neighbours from the east are good at DYOM biggrin.gif

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Well, as promised...


I've played the missions, they are great so far. Goodluck on more missions, mate. icon14.gif

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