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GTA V is already amazing.

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Today, I found out that I'm failing my math class pretty badly. While walking home from school, I was thinking about how my parents would probably be mad and make me see a tutor, and either way I'd have to work my butt off if I wanted to get into any good colleges. I was thinking that it's definitely nothing worth dying over, but if one of the cars driving by lost control and killed me, it would at least be a convenient time for that to happen. Then, my very first thought was "sh*t. I won't ever be able to see GTA V if that happens." Of all the things I could have considered, (I've never had a girlfriend, I've never owned my own car, I'm not finished with high school, I have a few friends and family, and there's plenty more to look forward to) the next Grand Theft Auto was the number one concern. Maybe it's an obsession... But just think about it. Even if you really did have nothing else to live for, isn't GTA V enough to hope for?


Not really sure what the point of this thread is, but whatever.

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people keep saying the world is going to end in 2012 ,i will be disappointed if the world ends before the next gta comes out , its got to come out with enough time for us to finish it , then the world can end lol .

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