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Mod Installer For Mac?

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Hey all im not new to Modding GTA but i m new to modding it with a mac. I used to mod it with my PC but my Video card started giving me problems and it was old. So a big gap in my modding has grown and now id like to get back to it. I got the recently released GTA Trilogy for Mac OSX for christmas and am currently playing it on my 27 inch Imac. Every thing is very smooth and i love it but the clarity almost makes the cars look very ... cheezy and un realistic. so i want to once again replace them with the real life counterparts. So my first question is

1 Where an i find the SAMI for mac?

Ive looked and looked and looked on google and various GTA sites and all of them are for Windows. Boot camping my mac is not an option because the copy i own is for mac > i have a PC version but its probably far to scratched up to work any more. And i dont want to spend the money on any more windows things.


2 How do i get the car models i have made previously to work in the game. I have a large number of 3d models that i have downloaded to mod in 3d programs but not as GTA cars. I have also made a few my self that i really would like to use. Its kinda a strange S10 cargo euro van mix.

Thank you in advance for those that help me



I was also wondering if any one had found a way to add turn signals in to the game. And backup lights. I know they had the backup lights in VC but they did away with them in SA.

Edited by gadzuke

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Thanks but thats for PC.. EXE is PC. I need one for mac which will be DMG

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As far as I know, there is almost no support for the Mac version. The Trilogy being this old, there is even less chance that someone will convert/create the tools for the Mac.

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Well that just blows lol

If any one has heard or come across a tool for mac as rare as it may be post a link!

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