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Help with .3ds export (using SketchUp)


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Basically I design a house and when I export it (using the correct export parameters) there are some faces that doesn't appear. For example, the roof. I think it could be the way it is designed, something that sketchup can't export. It worked well for many of the houses I've designed but for some others I have that problem.

So I wanted to ask if there's a secure way to export a model from sketchup preserving every face or if there's a restriction with the modelling like overlapping shapes.


Thanks in advance smile.gif


PS: the problem is not with the sketchup model itself but the .3ds that I import to 3DS Max

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Actually that helped but didn't fix the problem sad.gif


user posted image


user posted image


If someone knows something about this issue please reply tounge.gif. As a last resource I'll remove the front and make again

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i always say this : sketchup is not for details such as windows and so.

sketchup it's only for Boxes.


instead of using the glass in sketchup, use a texture like this :

user posted image


and for the invisible walls, i had that problem too, and i found the solution :

this is the problem topic to know better wink.gif



check my mods to have an idea, it's all with sketchup :





an Advice : try to learn 3Ds max, it's better icon14.gif

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Thanks man. I was thinking about that possibility but actually I need simple buildings so now I'll read that topic smile.gif


EDIT: The building is working now. Thanks smile.gif

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