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Zmodeler Texturing


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Hi there


I would like to be explained as to how I texture my simple model car without the texture I use turning the rest of the mesh the same colour.


I had textured the bumpers, but then the model turns black. I used the original bumper texture and bumpers from the Manana car.


user posted image


The back bumper is only white as I didn't texture it.


Let's say I just want those bumpers textured, including the damaged, which I know how to do that, but at the same time just the right door textured blue, only half of the door blue.


I have said documents on how to texture, but the zmodeler ones are not very clear to me. confused.gif


If anyone could please spare some time to describe how I'd texture bits and pieces here and there, I am also using my own texture to add to the TXD.


Thank you.

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How do you mean by territory, if you upload an image to the material editor. And then highlight it, and press CTRL-A?


Or use the UV assign button?


I selected the bumpers on their own, and textured them, but they seem to end up colouring the mesh in that colour.

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