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TLAD multiplayer is awesome!


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Just had an excellent time in free mode, team deathmatch and club business.

Apart from 2-3 5min sessions in vannila IV its the first time i've managed to play ANY GTA multiplayer as i've been ill for a long time and it took ages to get broadband into my new place.

I've seen many topics saying TLAD multiplayer is dead, its impossible to play any proper modes etc;

There was around 10-12 people in the game i had to leave. I take it thats not the norm?

I know TBOGT has the buzzard, explosive shotgun and base jumps etc and granted i've never played it online but i just think the whole biker gang thing is cool and from what i've read its a way more level playing field.

I think its a waste if no-one ever plays.

The story was way better than TBOGT, not to say i don't love that game but i just didn't seem to connect with that story as much, and almost as good as Nikos.

If anyone wants to play some TLAD over the next few days hit me up.

PSN: xxFleetstdemonxx smile.gif

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Yeah, it's quite interesting actually. I've been in an Instant Play match recently and the game was full! However, I tried playing Club Business but no one was there. ):

most people pick instant play or free mode on TLAD


I was lucky once and I found 2 people in club business

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Free Mode is where it's at. the other timed matches and modes are dead most of the time in both TLAD and TBGT. I always find a TLAD free mode game tho'. Sometimes I may have to change a preference if it's a slow night in order to find a game.


yessir', Chopper vs. Chopper is rad. i wish more people played it.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I luv club business. I only got 1 other friend that plays it with me tho.


I miss the good ol days when it 1st came out. IT was soo packed.



I also think that the races in LATD are so freakin awesome. From the bike races to the car races..


Anyone who wants to hook up for some LATD MP please add me. I need more people to pay with.




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