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GTA Westminster


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Let's just get something out of the way. This is an old parody GTA I made while trying out GIMP (Sucks BTW). You are either going to think it's funny, unfunny or wtf. Feel free to tear it a new one (It's not by any stretch my best work)

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Anyway, the whole plot of the game is you are a PETA agent in NYC five days before Westminster starts. You have to raise $10,000 to fund a massacre of dogs and their handlers at the Garden that is to take place in five days. You raise money by doing street crimes and all that jazz, also a mysterious benefactor will give you money for recruiting people for PETA. You also infiltrate the Garden by doing odd jobs for the dog people like transporting them to and fro the airport, grooming their dogs etc.

If you raise the money before the deadline the massacre will go on. At this point you will have two choices, participate in the massacre or protect the Garden from impending doom.

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