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You Play With cheats,or NOT?


Are you playing with cheats?  

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  1. 1. Are you playing with cheats?

    • 1)No.
    • 2)Yes but,every time the things are hard.
    • 3)Yes.

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I Do But In GTA San Andreas Only

what GTA games i play now GTA SA GTA VC GTA 3 and GTA LCS on ps2

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yea i use cheats because sometimes like when my health is low on a mission and i can't beat that mission then its time to get the cheats out, call me a noob if you want to but i don't play games 24/7, i have a life, i'm not a skilled gamer but games like gta on missions are fricken hard, and i'm not going to argue with anybody so please don't waste your time.

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Only after the game is complete, I usually explore the game's physics and attempt to discover glitches so I might need health, or a faster car to do stuff.

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