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[IV]what car mods do not make taxi bug?


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I'm trying to figure out what car mods actually do not make taxi bug?


I think it must be mods that <1.5MB in size confused.gif


anyone know?

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i think it depends on how much ALL the modded cars and the original cars weights together

ah you! biggrin.gif


so how do you avoid the taxi bug in your not crappy car pack? confused.gif


I mean, I tried replacing a single infernus with a gallardo, I got taxi bug already! mad.gif heck, I replaced infernus with the smallest murcielago (in file size I mean) I could found and I still got more taxis than normal already!


so how do I avoid it? how any of you able to avoid it??? mercie_blink.gif

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Share on other sites due to using my own ultra ENB setting tounge.gif


maybe using ultra and I mean really ultra, beyond original game's graphics can also affecting taxi bug?


I'll try to turn the ENB off.

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