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101 Ways to kill CJ!

Pooka Mustard

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Pooka Mustard

Just like the one in the LCS section, you have to post ways in order to kill our CJ.

Unlike the LCS one, only two rules: Don't use cheat devices (not everyone has cheat devices), and don't post many times in a row with different ways provided. That's all

Even better, because of how massive San Andreas is, and how many things available to be your way to your doom, expect a greater total of ways to waste CJ than of LCS. Bonus!



1. Just swim underwater and stay underwater. Your doom awaits.

2. Go to a fist fight with someone, and leave yourself, thinking that you'll never die.

3. Stay on the railroads until one runs on you.

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5. Jump off a high building.

6. Engage in a shootout with Ballas and stop shooting.

7. Throw a pile of satchel charges, stand on them, then press the button.

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