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Greedy Car Thieves


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Welcome everybody,


I would like to introduce you to a game that is currently being developed, but a playable beta version is available already. We would like to invite you to tests and ask you to share your opinions with us. At the moment there is only a multi-player version available (it's the one that gives most fun after all!), yet in the final version there will most probably be included a single-player campaign.


WWW: http://gct-game.net


We're waiting for you!

Edited by Sektor
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Cool. You've clearly put a lot of effort into this. Great job!


Can you make a mode with GTA2 style controls (no mouse aiming)? The GTA2 slow turning on foot makes combat very different to most games and it's a big part of why I like it.


The steering is weird right now, very slippery. He has slow walk and fast walk animations but no run animation (that I know of).


The graphics and sounds are good enough for me but I'd like the handling and controls to be more like GTA1/GTA2.

Edited by Sektor
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It looks pretty awesome and the mouse control is very good as I hated the fact in GTA 2 you had to use the damn keyboard only. It was very annoying to steer.


Just be careful, the mods can delete your topic any second for 'advertising'. Me and an african game developer were making a big game inspired by GTA, and when we advertised it here the topic was deleted and I nearly got temp-banned.

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He already posted it there. I fixed the topic description. This section on gtaforums is led by me and advertising this game in a single topic is ok by me. If something gets deleted for advertising it's usually because it is posted in multiple sections or the wrong section.

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  • 2 months later...

Hey, this looks really good!! Just make sure you don't make the same mistakes that prevented GTA2 from being a good videogame. Like it was a pain in the a­ss to save the game, for starters. I don't like the cars and people being 3D but that's okay. Since it's a top down view you could use 2D pictures instead (sprites before someone calls me a noob), the feeling is totally different. Anyways, it's awesome icon14.gif

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