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Radio logo req


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I'd like to ask for someone to make a few radio station logo's.

Here they are-


The Watchtower



(Maybe this water tower for the logo but

more elevated and black looking. Its a Rock radio station if that helps)


Emotion 98.3 (Just think of the logo but think of what the logo would of looked like 2 years before Vice City Stories)


Liberty City Underground (or) LV



Liberty City Public Radio (LCPR)


TOKO Radio










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Sorry man but you forgot the five days rule.



Time Period

One request topic per author every 5 days. You have to wait 5 full days between requests. For example if request was made on the 1st the second request can be made on the 7th


Edited by Rojo89
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That's ok. I think it's been 4 days.

Can I bump this topic tommorow. I don't want this to be locked.

I can wait another day.

My last post was on the 9th- its the 13th tommorow for me.

So can you have a look and help me out tommorow?

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Sure, but it's not up to me if this will get locked or not, maybe someone will come later today and do this for you, if they feel like doing so, but next time better follow the rules wait the 5 full days to avoid any problems. smile.gif


Edited by Rojo89
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sure thing Rojo. By the way, in my concept thread. I named a car after your user, 'Rojo'.

the cars called, 'RojoG'

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