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Things To In San Andreas Crash


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Hi, I have the mod "Things to Do In San Andreas" installed on my GTA SA. It is the latest version. I have been enjoying it for a while now and I have got to the beta mission "Roadside Assistance" which is one of the many, many things this mod adds. Everytime I get near to the tow truck, my game goes black for a split second and I get the notorious " gta_sa.exe has stopped working". This is very annoying and I cannot progress further because of it. I also had a crash on the mission "Interdiction" but I found a way to stop it. There seems to be no workaround for this though. The mod's forums don't accept new members, and noone seems to have this problem on there too. How can I fix this sh*t?

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I don't mean to sound nasty but:


First thing to consider is:

Are you playing the game in

W98/XP mode,

with Administrative Privileges?

And... before people here begin investing a lot of time trying to fix a possible NO-FIX situation:

How are you playing:

1. With the Original DVD in the Drive?

2. OR are you Using a 'backup' disc?

3. Are you Using a No-CD crack?

4. OR a Downloaded game from Direct2Drive, or SteamPower.com

5. If none of the above, where did you get your game? (Please specify.)


Next is:

There is no limit to members on this Forums Modding forum...

Modding questions belong in THE MODDING FORUMS! Where You click on the underlined words. icon14.gif that’s where You can find Players who ARE Modders, they can really give You some help! smile.gif

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Sorry, but this forum does not deal with mod related issues. We have separate modding forums for that. I suggest you post your problem in the mod topic over here.




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