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Shadows Boundaries too much Closer !

pep legal

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Hi guys...


I need a little help about this problem.


I upgraded from 1.0.4 to 1.0.7 and I´ve started to notice Shadows are becoming Hi-Def at few meters from me.


The problem is mostly noticed under the cars : As I walk, a gray faint shadow becomes a black sharp one.


If I stop, it´s possible to see - at the same car - the nearest half shadow in Hi-Def...and the other half very weak.


I wouldn´t like to return to 1.0.4 because I want to install serveral extra cars.



[win-7 x64 , HD4850, 4-core , 8 GB, Catalyst 10.12 ]

[1920x1080 , All High, sliders 50%]



Thanks in advance.

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There are no question marks, what are you after?


I really can´t understand you too !


I've just described a weird problem and I think it´s implicit that I´d like to get some tips to solve it, or even a simple -> "This is normal, there is nothing to do ! "



Maybe I haven´t written so clearly. Sorry...but I am not a native english speaker.



This picture can explain better :



user posted image



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This is normal, there is nothing to do !



..apart from get a GTX 580 or something of the sort and change the shadows to 'Very High'. It's still noticeable however.


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Sorry if my statement was confusing, but usually I like to see some questions.


And like OTB said, that's just GTAIV being GTAIV. Older game versions may provide for a different experience.

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