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Finn 7 five 11

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Finn 7 five 11

Okay In IV cheats were lame, they probably could not have done any better but thats beside the point.

Cheats are great fun, a really fun thing to do outside of missions.


What sort of cheats do you want to see?

Put a little effort into the cheat, roughly explain what the cheat does.


Also how do you want to use cheats? Via phone, or the old way?


Here are some of the cheats i want to see (aside from the basic ones):


Invincibility - I want an invincibility cheat nothing can hurt me, so when off missions i can do all sorts of crazy stuff while enjoying the physics, like purposely flying off motorbikes, or jumping off buildings, Parkour, things like that, that i can do without dying, it would be very entertaining for me, and i am sure many funny videos would come of it.


Super strength - You can send people flying with a punch, shove a car into a wall, if a car drives at you, a swift uppercut can smack it back into the other direction, this could possibly have different levels of strength, so if you went all the way up you could hit cars 50-100metres, and completely deform a pedestrian punching him into a wall, or slightly in-human strength, being able to punch pedestrians a few metres, and putting dents in cars with a punch.


Super Bunny hop - Like in San Andreas, you can bunny hop ridiculously high, this would be good if bike physics are more forgiving in the next installment of GTA.


Super Jump - You can jump quite high and long distances, you can do park-our across buildings, jumping and commando rolling across skyscrapers would be great, jump away from police or any other pursuers.


Nocops cheat - My favorite cheat, you can turn cops off for the sake of free-roaming without being pestered by annoying ass cops, you basically have free-roam over the city now doing as you please with annoying cops on your ass.


I think the cheats via phone would be good, once you do the cheat it is easy to re-do whenever you feel since they are saved.


Got any ideas for wacky cheats that you want to see...well post them here.


(sorry if this is wishlisty)

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xChaos Reigns

There's already a thread like this in this forum.


Cheats topic


It might be better if you posted there. smile.gif

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That's all possible with a trainer wink.gif

Not ALL of us play GTA on a PC you know. And consoles don't have trainers.


Anyways, i'd like a superman cheat that gives me the ability to fly.

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